Tuesday, January 25, 2011

DarkLicious Fashion Line

Hey everyone!
Today I was checking some suits, when I found a comment on someone's Guest Book advertising a new fashion line: DarkLicious.

I think it looks good. I don't know if it will be a langerie line or "normal clothing" line. If the outfits will be to strut down the street, I must say they are too revealing for me! haha

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Stardoll Fashion Week Spoiler

SFW is back! And with an amazing spoiler! Check it out:

Nicole (coconut_nicole) looks amazing! And if check out the blog, you will see that she will always be the face of stardoll fashion week. BUT, to give other girls/guys a chance, she will need a buddy! So if you want to be the face of SFW aswell click here!

Monster Magazine

As you all know, our dear writer Abbie has some projects going on besides writing for this blog. One of them is the very interesting magazine Monster Magazine!

It looks like mystery and anonymous users are the it thing on stardoll. And has you can see, it has reached stardoll magazines aswell! We have already seen it before, in spoilers, but on the cover, to me, it's something new! And I must say: I like it!
And there is a very big contrast from one page to another because first she is all covered up and then she is naked!
Have you guessed who the covergilr is?

An interview with a REAL celebrity! How amazing is that? This magazine has made stardoll magazine history. It was and interesting interview. The questions were simple and straight to the point. And CC seemed very nice and
To be honest, I had never heard of her. So don't feel bad if you had to google her (or maybe I should me ashamed because I had to google her...)

There was also a fake interview to Lady Gaga. It was very well done. I've seen some online interviews of her and, correct me if I'm wrong, the girl who wrote that interview has seen lots of videos of Lady Gaga online. The answers looked like it was Gaga talking! Some of them it looks like I remember her saying it somewhere. So, I must say it was really well done and a great idea.

I liked to see some fashion history. Like the Christian Dior article (the image above).
I liked the fact that there where articles like that, not just about fashion, but other stuff aswell! And, I don't know if it was on purpose, but it was a good idea to put the Lady Gaga interview and the piano article.

One thing I would like to have seen more is more fashion tips and stuff like that. Altough we see that often in stardoll magazines, I always like to see more, because fashion is alwys changing it's something that is never the same. And I bet this magazine can give us some crazy makeup/outfit tips about a different style.

Overall, I think this was a really good issue! Nice graphics, good articles, very interesting interviews,... So Congratulations Abbie! You and your team did a realy good job! :D

New Projects..

First of all,sorry for lack of posts and inactivness.
Usually,I would try and motivate my staff to post more,but I have been busy with this....
(credit to FashionnGirl. for header)
My fashion line!
As of today,it has been open for six days and we have over 700 hits!
Only two out of ten models have been picked.
I have worked so hard on this so far,and if no-one applies for other jobs then . . .
You get the picture.
So if you are a GRAPHIC DESIGNER,please click here and apply.

Second new project I want to tell you about is Venus clothing line.
It is owned by our very own Abbie!
She co-owns this line with Plami161.
This is the spoiler for the line,and it is amazing.
They are currently having a competition that could get your deisgn in SFW.
I entered,the theme is Grecian which just means Greek.
It took me awhile to thunk of sometihng,but trust me.
You'll be glad you entered if you did and when you do!

I'm actually not going to list all of the new projects in dollywood in this post,but don't worry.
You'll all get your shoutouts! :)

Lisa xx :)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Red lips Magazine spolier...

Well wow, this blew me away. From the last issue to this, I can't wait to see February issue which should be out on the 1st. This new magazine is really taking off and I can't wait to see what we have ahead of us this year. If this magazine carries on as it has started it will be HUGE! Watch out for this issue because it will be special for this blog...


Friday, January 21, 2011

Improved medoll?

Hi pepole! Today I'm here to talk about some changes I noticed in my medoll. I didn't come to stardoll yesterday and today, when I logged in, my doll was so different (well, no THAT different). We already knew stardoll had improved hair, eyes and eyebrows. But now, they also changed the nose and the lips a little bit. Check it yout for yourselves:

old face (click to enlarge)

new face (click to enlarge, altough I think you don't need to :b)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Non-SS - #6 look

Hi dear readers! I'm very sorry for not being very active, but since school has started everything has been crazy. Plus I'll start having lots of extra curricular activities which will not make things easier. But I will try my best, I promise!

As you can see by the title, I'm showing you another non-SS look!

(click to enlarge)
You can get all of it for 23SD. A bit more expensive than the usual outfits I make, but still not very expensive. And you can always take some stuff out, like the bag, the necklace onr the belt. I just put it because I think it gives and extra touch to the outfit, or else it's just to plain! I hope you like it, and I will try to make 1 or 2 of these outfits per week.

Do you like the outfit?

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Distinct Magazine

Between magazines and clothing lines AND awards shows,Stardollians of the world have a lot to do.
What with people getting ready for Stardoll Fashion Week too!
The fashion craze has just begun!
(see what I did there?)
Anyway,I decided to avert my attention to a magazine . . .spoiler,that is.
This spoiler leaves a scent of mystery in its wake...
I'm sure thats exactly what they had wanted!
I will say,from the bottom of the hand down,it seemed like the arm looks . . .bendy?
Like really bendy,like a bendy ruler or rubber pencil!
But still,I look forward to the release of this magazine!
Lisa xx :)

Starhair:; a new style

This is a really original style, which at the moment I am sporting. This is for the more daring of us, and takes a lot of time to do. There are many examples of this hair style and each have an original flare, normally people use an outline to make these hair styles such as a hair style. Right now I am using the 2000 starpoint hair as a base and I have covered it in the free stardollars pink stars. This is my hair:
What do you think of this style? Do you like it?



I first arrived at the party with high hopes but it came to my attention that there were few attendees. Nevertheless I stayed at the party, anticipating the collection. Waiting and wondering, how will the models look, will the clothes be good? All these questions going through my head. The owner, sinbabee, messaged me over chat saying 'Lily's not going to make it'. She seemed really worried and so did I. I thought I'd have to wait for her arrival. Shortly after I got another message over chat and it was saying that it had been released. I quickly rushed to their site and drooled. The collection was more than amazing, more than fantastic, more than excellent. It was AWESOME! The outfits fit the models really well and the clothes were so realistic that I wanted them. NOW!

Here are my favourites; although it was hard to choose.

Model 1: I loved this models walk and the dress was fitted. Maybe not the best option but the outfit overall is really good. I also enjoyed the colouring and how it matched the make-up which was really good.Model 2: This is me favourite from the whole collection. It is totally unique yet it has some similar aspects such as the studded neckline and cuffs. This is really realistic, I love the glitter, models hair and the appearance as a whole. Stardoll Fashion Crazes BEST BUY!Model 3: I particularly liked the outfit and shoes. It was a simple design with customations. Although the outfit looks great, the hair and make-up didn't appear 'matching' to me.

So I thought that I'd finished watching the fashion show when I was greeted with an accessory line. They all had a similar design but with different colours so it was difficult to choose favourites as they all rocked. But the purses were the BEST part of the collection. They added the finished touch. So thankyou to all people who took part in this collection. We declare this a SUCCESS!

Saturday, January 15, 2011


If you have been on Stardoll since the beginning up until a year ago then you will know how cheap clothes used to be. An example of Stardoll's 'kindness' was the Kohls store which had all of its clothing at an average of 3/4sd but today you'd be lucky to find a 6sd dress! Especially for a non-ss. These days I resort to Stardesigns from other members. The designs are reasonably priced and really good designs and the best part, they're almost unique! My favourite designer for my style of clothing is from Melody1970.

Unsurprisingly when I visited her page a lot of her designs were sold out, and ironically they're my favourites that were sold! Anyway the best dresses she makes (in my opinion) are 8sd and I have 2 of these! Totally affordable and convenient. Stardoll Fashion Craze's BEST BOUTIQUE.

I will update this post soon :) x

Antidote: The Review

Hello everyone!
I know this blog has been a bit inactive,and I apologize for that,I know that Taylor and Jessica's schools have started so they can't be as active.
My school started too but , I dont get as much homework as they do so I can still come online.
But anyway.
Yesterday or the day before,Antidote came out.
I personally love this store.
For its bright colors and originality.
In the last few collections  , Antidote has lost the originality point,but the clothes are still gorgeous to me!
I bought . . .three dresses and two pairs of shoes.
I don't have a picture for you,because when my laptop drank tea...My right mouse thingy doesn't work so its too difficult to make a picture.
In any clothes,its important to have originality in it,right?
That is something(like I said) that Antidote has.
I remember the first piece of it that I bought.
It was a blue top,with a pink skull on it.
But Im positive I sold it.
And then there was a collection filled wit ice cream and pinkness!
I bought a dress out of that collections.
I remember  , the collection before this one,I was determined to buy SOMETHING.
I ended up buying a dark green bag,its actually really nice!
So,I'm going to do a proper review on the items I bought.
First one is the . . .One Shoulder Dress.
This is a dark purple very mini dress,with a grey belt around the waist.
I absolutely LOVED this dress,and bought it even though it was 100SD.
You could barely see the pink line on it!
This dress is truly gorgeous.
Its also purple,which can be a hard color to work with,but as long as black,white and grey own a spot in your closet,your fine.
This is okay to wear with jeans,I think.
I tried it with black tights and I didn't like it,but thats just my opinion,Im sure there are tons of ways you can wear this dress.
Second item is the . . . Grey And Purple Heeled Graphic Boots.
Again,these shoes are AMAZING.
And since their grey,they are very versatile.
They go perfectly with our purple dress up there too.
These boots,can match NEARLY everything because their grey.
My favourite colors are,white,black and grey.
Because they match everything.
These style of boots is also quite popular I think.
I bought the same boots in the purple too,so I decided to just devote one paragraph to the two of them.
The purple boots are not as versatile as the grey,so I will be wearing them less than the grey ones,but still I love both of them equally!
(Lol,now THAT sounded weird xD)
I was hoping the purple boots would match the one shoulder purple dress,but their two two completely different shades.
But,people say you should take risks with fashion,so one day,I'm sure I will pair them together.
8 1/2 / 10

The second last thing I bought was the . . .Side Ruffle Sheath .
This is a blue dress , by the way.
But this is by FAR the best thing in the whole collection!
(From my point of view,anyway)
I paired it with the grey graphic boots,and left it for two days!
I don't have much to say,just these three words:

The last thing I bought,was last minute..
The red shoulder pom pom dress.
I was looking to get it in the fully black one,but sadly it was sold out.
Some people will say its ugly,but its one of  the items that has originality in it!
I will say,it goes with very few things,but I am determined to make it work.
Its not versatile either,which makes it harder to pair things with.
7 1/2 / 10

Lisa xx :)

Don't you love the new Non-ss hair?!

All I can say is well done stardoll. They have listened to the masses and improved the non-ss hair brilliantly. Hair I would never go near is now lovely, they have made it so much easier from people to have brilliant me-dolls. I am extremely impressed by the new versions of the same old hair, they make me want to wear them when before I never would have. I feel the new hair looks like some graphics that people make, they have made the hair fit with the me-doll better. Here is a few that I love:

I can not express how much I truly love these, they are just gorgeous! What do you think of them?


Friday, January 14, 2011

Antidote; Fail or Hail?

I do love Antidote but I fell a bit let down by the past couple of collections, they don't really seem to stand out like they used to and the prices are surprising for what they are. Here are some of the old Antidote collections:

The newest antidote collection has let me down big time, I only like two items. The rest, I feel, are boring and not what is expected from Antidote.

What do you think?
Do you agree?


Thursday, January 13, 2011

I Want My Sign Back D:

This is NOT Stardoll related by the way...
Well,today I found out that I am NOT a Libra but a Virgo.
Some people might be saying "You can't change your Zodiac sign" but if people messed up the astronomy then yes,you can,and you have to really.
There is a new Zodiac sign called Ophiucus/Serpentarius it means 'Serpent Bearer' for those who don't know,a Serpent is a snake .
But it only affects you if you were born in '09 or after so if your reading,this,I doubt your two/one years old.
I'm actually quite upset about this :P .
My dad got me a 'Scales' charm for my birthday (I think it was my birthday..) an it was Thomas sabo , so it cost about €40 - €50 !
Now its USELESS!
Buut . . .think of the people who got a tattoo of their Zodiac sign :P . ...
So, go on Google and find out what your starsign is NOW.
If You Were Libra , You Are Now Virgo
Lisaxx :)

Hot buys

I really like this months hot buys and I can't wait until the leather pants come out, they are my favourite.
What is your opinion? Which ones do you like?


90 million members

Has you can see by the title, stardoll is almost reaching 90 million members! How crazy is that?! It's almost impossible to belive there are more than 80 million girls playing on this website. And thinking there are so many pepole from so many different parts of the world... I just think it's amazing!

I haven't seen any 90 million members' stuff on spoilers, but it will probably be out soon. I wonder what will stardoll do when they reach 100 million! :D

Monday, January 10, 2011

Reminder and Sorry :S

Yes , yes it is me...
Sorry for my absence over the past  . . . week :S .
But I DO have an explanation.
My sister was drinking tea with OUR laptop on her lap and the mug handle broke so..
After I dried off the laptop,and after my computer-expert of a brother (:P) looked at it,all it needed was a new keyboard!
I was SO relieved.
I will say,we have a computer in my house so I will admit I could have posted,but I hate using the computer,laptops are easier for me.
So,after a virus scan to rid the laptop of anything else,I CAN USE IT!
The 'Reminder' part was to REMIND you all of our competition!
Click -->HERE<-- for the details :)
I know this blog has been a TAD inactive over the last week or so,but don't worry.
We'll get 'get back on track' .

Lisa xx :)

DYI Outfits

Yesterday I was going to random suits and, like I usually do, I went to see bluegreen86's suit. Everyone says she is a fashion icon on our stardoll world. And again she proves she deserves that
I'm a big fan of her DYI outfits, they are all amazingly well done, and this one was no exeption!
Does this look like a real starplaza dress or not?! And the thing I admire the most about all of this is that it's so simple but so stunning! Usually pepole think it's all about lots of accessories and tons of clothing on (which is something not easy to do, at all!), but this girl proves that simple is has elaborate.
And I wanted to post and outfit she made with lots of laces, it was amazing!

Another girl that unfortunately isn't active on stardoll anymore (only comes to speak with her friends) is gweneee. She made one of the best DYI dresses I've ever seen! I absolutley love it!It's amazing! I was amazed by this outfit. And she looks so simple. The hair, the dress, the makeup,... Everything! I'm really sad someone with this imagination and fashion sense has left stardoll, I truly am.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Classique Awards Winners

Haute couture female:


Haute couture male:


Best me-doll:


Most risque me-doll:


Envious me-doll:


Biggest diva award:


Most alluring female:


Most alluring male:


Ground breaking project:

Stardoll’s Official NOH8

Biggest fighter:


Best designer (graphic & stardesign):


Biggest sweet-heart around:


Biggest entrepreneur:

Writemarycat and Psychotic-Freak for Stardoll Fashion Week

Best achiever:


I've been at the award show and I must say: it was really fun! Their idea to have the party via skype was an awsome idea. I usually didn't attend any parties because it was almost always via guestbook, which I taught it was horrible! I couldn't understand a thing!
The only problem with the award show is that pepole talked too much when they should be quiet! Dei had a little bit of trouble controling pepole, But she did an amazing job, and kicked pepole out a few times (and I laughed everytime that happend, haha).
Congratulations to the organization! It was an amazing award show (: