Friday, December 31, 2010

Red Lips Magazine RELEASE!

Remember when I said Red Lips was being released on the first of January?
Yes,well they really meant it.
As in 00:?? am on the first night of 2011.
So,my review?
Not bad for a first issue.
Not bad at all I must say.
I will though,suggest using LARGER text and adifferent font so its easier to read.
Visit the magazine by clicking the logo in the sidebar.
Lisa xx :)

Red Lips Magazine

Red lips magazine is a new magazine owned by JoesphinA .
I wanted to make this post to let you know,SD Fashion Craze has a sponsorship with this soon-to-be amazing magazine.
The first issue is released next year. (TOMORROW ;)   )
I leave you now,with the first magazines,spoiler:
Lisa xx :)

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Non-SS - #4 and #5 look

Hi everyone! (:
I'm back with some more non-ss looks. And this time I made TWO looks!

This one is a bit casual, but it can be used for a new years eve party. I used the Camo Sequined Skirt to give the look a bit of sparkle. And the bracelets help it too. You can get the look for 23SD. It's not too expensive, because we are getting 5 items. It's almost 5SD for each one, which isn't too expensive and we can buy it with play n' earn.

Now, for the second look:

This a new years eve look. And it's very simple to make and really cheap. You can buy everything for only 13SD! It is really cheap. And, has you can see, it's the same bracelet and the same shoes from the other look, which proves what I'm always saying: Buy stuff that can be used in many different ways. Having versatile peaces of clothing is the key too create different and nice looks for your doll. For exemple, the Black and White Handbag only costs 1SD, which the cheapest you can get, and you can use it with pink, black or white! You couldn't ask for anything else! Plus, a bag always gives that nice final touch to an outfit.

And there you go! Two outfits for new years eve, one a bit more simple and the other one with a bit more class. Like it? Hate it? Comment! :D


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Must Have of the Week

Hello readers. This is going to be a new segment for the blog and is also a mini competition. This weeks must have is the PPQ black velvet skirt. I love it, don't you?
To enter this weekly comp, just come up with an outfit for this item, the one above is just an example, then post it as a tinypic or what ever you like in the comments below. The best one will be featured on this post. Be quick we pick the winner tomorrow...


Fashion Accessory : Hats!

HELLO,dear readers!
For Christmas,I received €118 .
And,after Christmas me,my mam and my sister go shopping with our Christmas money.
As always,there was the after-Christmas sales .
My favourite shops are Penney's Primark as it is nice and cheap,and a lot of things are really nice.
I also love Claire's .Its an accessory shop.I really love it,but its VERY expensive.Once I bought a bag in there for €22.95  I know that that would be cheap for a bag in the adult world but not much for me.
And an ear flap hat is €18.95  .
As this shop is so expensive,its good when it has sales.
And the best sale they have is the %75 off sale .
Anyway,BACK TO PENNEY'S,and the point of this post.
Hats can keep your head warm,shield you form the sun,or some are just for  . . .decoration. (A-hem,Lady GaGa)
But the style of hats I've been LOVING is the Fedora hat .
I only have two myself,and I just bought them today,I have about seven or eight hats now.
But these two NEW hats,were bought in Penney's for just FOUR EUROS.
And their both STUNNING in my opinion.
Here you go:
These hats were only four euros each as I said.
In Penney's they had about four-to-six different styles but I knew I couldn't buy them all,right?
I really love hats,I'm the hat girl in my house.
My sister has a hat like the ones above except its black with thin white stripes.
t can also be bought in Penney's for €4 .
So,do you like hats?
Do you have much?
Do you wear them?
Lisa xx :)

Simple fashion tips

Hello again, haven't done one of these in a while. Today's tip is all about the simple black heel. This is a vital piece of any wardrobe as nine times out of ten it will go with what you are wearing.

Here is my run down of the simple black heel:

Bisou- Ridged heels 5sd ss
Stardoll- platform T-bar heels 5sd Non ss
Voile- Sequin pumps 5sd Non ss
Bisou- platform pumps 5sd ss
Otto- Maryjane heels 5sd Non ss

And now are my pick of weird and wonderful black heels if you are in a more exciting mood:
PPQ- tied platforms 22sd ss
Mortal Kiss- Winged stiletto's 5sd Non ss
 Volie- Party shoes 5sd ss
Rio- Fringed heels 5sd Non ss

Hope you enjoyed my pick of shoes


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Stylish Member of the Week : poohg_1993

Its time of the week of again . . . .
This week, WHO'S medoll caught my eye? (ehh . . .title)
The very talented and fashionable Mandy.
She is a writer for Stardoll's King Of Media !
I do have to praise her fashion taste,very stylish indeed :P
I was lucky to get an interview with the girl herself.
Wanna see it?
'Course ya' do

IrishLily09: Hello!Thanks for doing this interview,why not start by telling our readers a little bit about you?
poohg_1993: Well there's not much to say if people have heard about me. All i can say is, i have a very classic style, a versatile style, and as a person i am very misunderstood.

IrishLily09: Since this is only a small interview,lets get right to it.Where do you get your inspiration?Or is it all our of your own head?
poohg_1993: Well, both. Most of the time, i just wear what i think looks good. I don't necessarily always get inspired to achieve looks. Most of the time actually, i will just be playing around with clothes or makeup and stumble across a new look that works.

IrishLily09: Interesting answer,Mandy.I also love your medolls make-up.Have you ever thought of doing Stardoll make-up tutorials?
poohg_1993:Thank you! I actually have a few makeup tutorials up on my YouTube channel. I haven't really pursued makeup tutorials as a regular 'thing' i do, but perhaps one day i will start making them more often someday soon.

IrishLily09: With your success on Stardoll,comes work I assume?What advice do you have for our readers?
poohg_1993: Well, i would like to say that if you ever plan to become successful and popular, be prepared for people that will create drama and be prepared for negative rumors being spread about you. You can't please everyone.

IrishLily09: Thank you,Mandy for this interview :)
poohg_1993: Lol thank you!

There you have it!
Click HERE to visit her suite.
Click HERE to go to KOM.
This interview was finished at 06:20am European time..I'm tired now.
Lisa xx :)

New Banner

I have a new banner,as you can see.
Our very own Jessica made it for me.
I love it,what do you think?
Lisa xx :)

Real life stardoll

Everyone that plays stardoll has to admite that everyday, when we come to stardoll, we get in love with something and we want it in real life. That happens to me ALL THE TIME! Unfortunately, I can't have every thing that I have on stardoll, not even half! So I just keep drooling on my computer imagining those perfect boots in me, or that stunning jacket.
For example these Alexander McQueen
floral-engraved leather boots:

Stardoll Version

Real Life Version

They are stunning!

But some stuff I have in real life. Like those ugg boots, for example. Or the owl H&M necklace.

Stardoll Version

Real Life Version

I prefer the stardoll version because I prefer silver to gold. But I love the necklace!

But this is the reason why pepole love stardoll. We can have almost everything we want that we don't have in real life. That is the main reason that I come here everyday.

And you? Why do you keep coming to stardoll? Do you ahve anything you love on stardoll and can't have in real life? Or something that you have on stardoll and in real life? Tell us in comments! :D

New PPQ collection

Stardoll just realesed a stunning new PPQ collection. Take a look: (click to enlarge)
I think the collection is absolutly amazing! It is classy, chic and everything you would wan't to wear to new years eve. And I am a big fan of gold n' black togheter, so right now I'm in heaven! "I'm in heaven... And my heart beats so that I can harldy speek... And I seem to find the happiness I seek."

Stardoll Mistakes

Stardoll has a New Year's Eve window in the StarPlaza.
There is one dress,I think.
You can buy it in the Stardoll shop for only 4SD AND its non-ss . 
Well,today I searched 'Dresses' in the StarPlaza because I obviously fancied a new one for my virtual wardrobe.
And then this is what I saw:
You can buy dress is Voile for ten more stardollars , and its Superstar.
Now,this is seriously a stupid mistake.
Stardoll is just getting lazy,I've seen some more designs repetitively brought out in the StarPlaza,some are more expensive than the first time it was released!
I think if Stardoll has no new ideas for clothes,they should go to their members.
Remember the Decade Of The Teens store?
I think that was a great idea,I seriously think that should be an all-year-around shop/competition,with new selections from different members EACH MONTH.
Does anyone else think this is a good idea?
Hmm . . .I may write to Stardoll about my 'idea'..
Lisa xx :)

My Interview with an OC'er...

I would see myself as an OC'er, for those of you that don't know that is Original Club. I spend most of my stardoll time in that club and I have come to know many people there. I was privileged to talk to a true OC fashion icon Love2walk away.

~Firstly, tell me a bit about yourself?
-My Name is Deva. I am 14 years of age and have been playing stardoll since the age of 11. I had an amazing account (lovestowalkaway) but it was deleted by stardoll. I discovered OC in 2008. And was hooked. I had never witnessed such a wonderful place. The Style of OC influenced my virtual and Real life in an amazing way. I am an OC’er for life. (:

~What would you describe your personal style as?
-I try not to take myself too seriously. I’m not terribly girly, but I’m not a complete trendsetter either. I’m somewhere lost in the midst of the two

~Would you say OC effects your style?
- Well, Let’s be real here. When it comes right down to it OC is basically known for being funny.(or in my opinion I believe this to be true.) So. That Pretty much goes hand in hand with my style. After all the name is ORIGINALclub. Unique Dolls and Original Style’s.

~What brand would you say was your favorite on stardoll and why?
-I absolutely love Evil Panda. The Clothes are Kooky and Nutty and I love them (:

Thankyou Deva.

To visit her suite click here

Monday, December 27, 2010

I'm sorry

I wanted to apologize to all of you for not been very active lately. I stopped posting because I was sick and then came the holidays, so it was one thing after another.
But now that Christmas is over, I can start to post again! :D

And how was your Christmas? Was it fun? Did you get lots of gifts? Tell us in comments!

Fashion Fix! (xoxShauna12 )

Sorry for the lack of posts,but I assume you know why?
Anyway,remember aaages ago I did a makeover for someone?
Yeah, well I'm doing that again.
This time, our  . . .victim is xoxShauna12  . 
This is her current outfit:
There's not much wrong with this outfit really..but it could be better,right?
So,after I played around with it . . .
Yeah,yeah I know its not amazing.
But,I wanted to make it better without adding different pieces of CLOTHING.
I did my best.
Okay  , now for the real makeover!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Interview With... missricopenguin !

On Christmas Eve you get one present from me!
An interview with missricopenguin!

IrishLily09: Hello! Thank you for agreeing to do this interview. Why don't we start off,by getting to know you?

missricopenguin: Hey! My name is Kylie, I'm from Australia and I love fashion, writing, photography and music!

IrishLily09: With that done,are you excited for RAGE magazine?

missricopenguin :Yes!! It is super exciting and I cannot wait for it to be published!

IrishLily09: Where did you first find out about Stardoll,and then what made you want to write in blogs?

missricopenguin:I heard about stardoll three or four years ago in primary school. My friends always used to play it so I made an account, but that account got hacked so I left and then came back a year ago. :P I don't know really, I just like writing I guess!

IrishLily09: You always have an amazing medoll and outfit,where do you get your inspiration?

missricopenguin :I don't usually have an inspiration, I just look through my medoll's wardrobe and put pieces together. If I am inspired it usually from someone else's medoll or from browsing Tumblr.

IrishLily09: When you want a new piece for your virtual wardrobe,what shop in the Starplaza would you go to first?

missricopenguin :Umm.. that's hard. Bisou I think, although if the Chanel tribute store were still here it would be definitely be it!

IrishLily09: You have a modeling agency,where did that idea come up?

missricopenguin :Modeling agencies have been around forever. I started joining heaps of clubs, and then I realised that half of them weren't active, so I decided to make a modeling agency, that was active. Sadly it isn't to active at the moment... :P

IrishLily09: While we're on the subject, you also run a virtual 'Nightclub' Forever Flamingo,right?

missricopenguin :Yeah I do, and it's a lot of fun thinking up themes and invites and such. I hope to have a party soon ;D

IrishLily09: While talking about ideas and projects,do you have any for future projects?

missricopenguin :I think you covered most of them. I am involved in a few projects not owned by me, such as the Late Night Awards on LNWC and a few others which I am not sure if I am meant to talk about... :P

IrishLily09: Thank you for this interview,is there anything you want to say to our readers?

missricopenguin: No problem! Have fun on stardoll and remember it's just a game really and that if you apply yourself anything can happen :D
Click --> HERE <-- to go to her suite
Lisa xx :)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

And the Winners Are...

The Star Awards are over after  , nearly two hours of chit-chat and one hour of clapping and 'Congratulations' ' .
I have to admit,I didn't stay the entire time because Stardoll only lets you post one every five minutes in guestbooks now,and they didn't let me post for over ten minutes,so that is why I left.
The winners of each category are:

Best Female Medoll Award

Best Male Medoll Award

Best Personality Award

Social Butterfly Award

Best Dressed Medoll Award

Best Interior Decorator Award

Best Clothing Designer Award

Best Graphic Artist Award

Best Magazine Award
Lipstick Magazine

Best News Blog Award
Underneath Stardoll

Best Fashion Blog Award
Tyler's Top Trends

Best Gossip Blog Award
Stardoll's Most Hated

Best Group Award
Fashion Group

Best Competition Award
Stardoll Fashion Week

Outstanding Medoll Award

Outstanding Media Award
Stardoll's Most Wanted
Special Achievement Award
So congratulations to everyone!
Lisa xx :)

Tapstar321 : Best Dressed Competition!

Right be the Star Awards started Nikki , (tapstar321) held a simple competition on her blog Stardoll's Elite Watch . 
It is a Best Dressed competition , if you sign your Stardoll name in the comments you might be featured on the blog tomorrow!
Since this blog is about fashion and this is a fashion competition,I thought you guy's should know.
Lisa xx :)

Merry Christmas Everyone

Glitter Graphics

Christmas Glitter

Hope you have a brilliant Christmas everyone.


Star Awards , Less than one hour!

Is anyone else excited?
I will be definitely attending.
Lisa xx :)

New Release : HotBuys Dress

Hello,dear readers!
Since school is over for a few weeks,I have more time to post here!
So,I logged on and looked at the Newest StarPlaza items,and this dress caught my eye.
I am a HotBuys collector..
But honestly,I don't buy them if I don't like them.
Some things I will sell others (like this dress) will be staying with me on Stardoll forever!
Since I recently got my Diamond Membership back,I could buy it!
Its on my medoll right now.
Its not that pricey with a price of 18 SD it could still be cheaper,if I was in charge of prices and stuff I would've made it ten-fourteen stardollars.
Plus,if you do your Play&Earn you get four stardollars off it which is always handy.
What is YOUR opinion on the dress?
If you are wearing the dress,make a tinypic of it and post it in the comments!
Lisa xx :)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Forever Chic Magazine Release!

I logged on and did my usual message checks and GB replies,and THEN I remembered Forever Chic came out today!
I haven't had time to read it all myself,but I will later for sure.
For now though,I looked at the graphics and they are truely exquisite!
I remember I was at the last issue release party.
Here are some of my favourite graphics:
Above their is are Stylish Member of the week again!
I am only filled with praise for the owner Nicole (tapstar321)
Click HERE to view the magazine.
Great job,star rating: ★/
Lisa xx :)