Thursday, January 13, 2011

I Want My Sign Back D:

This is NOT Stardoll related by the way...
Well,today I found out that I am NOT a Libra but a Virgo.
Some people might be saying "You can't change your Zodiac sign" but if people messed up the astronomy then yes,you can,and you have to really.
There is a new Zodiac sign called Ophiucus/Serpentarius it means 'Serpent Bearer' for those who don't know,a Serpent is a snake .
But it only affects you if you were born in '09 or after so if your reading,this,I doubt your two/one years old.
I'm actually quite upset about this :P .
My dad got me a 'Scales' charm for my birthday (I think it was my birthday..) an it was Thomas sabo , so it cost about €40 - €50 !
Now its USELESS!
Buut . . .think of the people who got a tattoo of their Zodiac sign :P . ...
So, go on Google and find out what your starsign is NOW.
If You Were Libra , You Are Now Virgo
Lisaxx :)

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