Sunday, September 4, 2011

Not Superstar? Not bad!

Hey Hey!
Lisa here :)
I know the blog is highly inactive , I just contacted Taylor and Jessica so we can discuss the blog.
Anyway !
My topic today is not SD Fashion related , but is Stardoll related.
Everyone always thinks that the life of a Non-SS on Stardoll is crap!
I've been Non-SS for nearly a year now , and I don't have a problem with it . 
But of course I've been SS in the past , so I have make-up and a nice suite but still.
I get my 40Starcoins everyday!

And with time it does add up . 
Im headed for 800 Starcoins , as I have two payments to catch up to.
But , some people complain about the fact that we can't buy much clothes...
The magic of Starbazaar...

One day , I went to Starbazaar , went in with over 600 Starcoins came out with 88  .
You can find a lot of gorgeous clothes in Starbazaar . 
I once saw this lime green Voile gown , that everyone was going mad about two years ago and it was for sale - for Starcoins . 
Another good thing is that when you do the things on Stardoll to help you get Starcoins , its also boosting your Starpoints!
I get 11-12 EVERYDAY.
Life on SD as a non-SS isn't boring or dull or bad.
Trust me !
I would love to get tons of the new nail polish , and top up all of my make-up collection in Starplaza.
I think I might soon.
I've been good , not buying SS for a year.
I think I deserve a month of SS life . 
I dont know..
But my point is , Stardoll is fun , whether your SS , Royalty or neither.

Lisa xx :)