Monday, January 10, 2011

DYI Outfits

Yesterday I was going to random suits and, like I usually do, I went to see bluegreen86's suit. Everyone says she is a fashion icon on our stardoll world. And again she proves she deserves that
I'm a big fan of her DYI outfits, they are all amazingly well done, and this one was no exeption!
Does this look like a real starplaza dress or not?! And the thing I admire the most about all of this is that it's so simple but so stunning! Usually pepole think it's all about lots of accessories and tons of clothing on (which is something not easy to do, at all!), but this girl proves that simple is has elaborate.
And I wanted to post and outfit she made with lots of laces, it was amazing!

Another girl that unfortunately isn't active on stardoll anymore (only comes to speak with her friends) is gweneee. She made one of the best DYI dresses I've ever seen! I absolutley love it!It's amazing! I was amazed by this outfit. And she looks so simple. The hair, the dress, the makeup,... Everything! I'm really sad someone with this imagination and fashion sense has left stardoll, I truly am.

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