Sunday, September 4, 2011

Not Superstar? Not bad!

Hey Hey!
Lisa here :)
I know the blog is highly inactive , I just contacted Taylor and Jessica so we can discuss the blog.
Anyway !
My topic today is not SD Fashion related , but is Stardoll related.
Everyone always thinks that the life of a Non-SS on Stardoll is crap!
I've been Non-SS for nearly a year now , and I don't have a problem with it . 
But of course I've been SS in the past , so I have make-up and a nice suite but still.
I get my 40Starcoins everyday!

And with time it does add up . 
Im headed for 800 Starcoins , as I have two payments to catch up to.
But , some people complain about the fact that we can't buy much clothes...
The magic of Starbazaar...

One day , I went to Starbazaar , went in with over 600 Starcoins came out with 88  .
You can find a lot of gorgeous clothes in Starbazaar . 
I once saw this lime green Voile gown , that everyone was going mad about two years ago and it was for sale - for Starcoins . 
Another good thing is that when you do the things on Stardoll to help you get Starcoins , its also boosting your Starpoints!
I get 11-12 EVERYDAY.
Life on SD as a non-SS isn't boring or dull or bad.
Trust me !
I would love to get tons of the new nail polish , and top up all of my make-up collection in Starplaza.
I think I might soon.
I've been good , not buying SS for a year.
I think I deserve a month of SS life . 
I dont know..
But my point is , Stardoll is fun , whether your SS , Royalty or neither.

Lisa xx :)

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Lisa here!
Sorry , I know we've been inactive for awhile , we need like a big meeting to figure everything out...I know that FAUX SHO :P
Sorry . . I'm getting a 'lil bit hyper..
 Buuuuut , Kharma fashion line is owned by my great friend (and fellow Autumn't resist) Linus (Dog_boy96) and if you havenm't seen or heard of the fashion line or modeling agency then , you live under a very large and heavy and dark rock.
They are looking for a designer for their couture line!
If you love fashion designing , GO GO GO!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Be A Writer!

We are in urgent need of new writers for this blog , its just been us three for a long time and with new writers we can get this blog back up to the old standard :)
You can apply in the tabs to the left :)
Lisa,Jess and Tay xx :)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Want a make-over?

Lisa here , I need to get a banner made , I can't find my old one and if I could it wouldn't match our new look!
I hope you guys like it , my friend (Sam/Rascal313) did it .
Back to the title.
I think everyone asks for a make-over on Stardoll.
I always ask for them , I only ask for password make-overs , but only from my friends.
And just people I know i can trust.
If you ask for a pass makeover , don't do it through a message or guestbook comment on Stardoll.
They will send you . . .a warning I guess.
I got one when I asked Mandy (poohg_1993) for one in her guestbook , so be careful.

Today , I got a make-over from my good friend , Jack (Freeduck_ ) 
I am going to admit , sometimes his doll is definitely not my style (ha ,sorry jack) but thats only sometimes.
And thats good, he has his own style.
So , I asked him for a make-over , and this is the result:

I love it!
I would never have picked out this outfit , and that's something I like about make-overs.
The outcome is something completely different to what you would choose!
I posted this , because Jack was getting a lot of bad publicity and hes not a bad person.

Lisa xx :) 

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Non-SS - #7 look

I'm back with Non-SS looks! For a long time I had no inspiration to create outfits, but I guess the inspiration is coming! I had more outfits already prepared, but I lost my pen, with lots of stuff so I lost all the outfits. But what matters is I'm back!

Peach Moto Zip Jacket - Pretty in Pink - 119 starcoins (SC)
Basic Top - Bisou - 50SC
Peach Bow Tie Belt - 20SC
Beige Mini Skirt - Basic - 40SC
Dusty Pink T-strap Shoes - Pretty in Pink - 69SC
Total: 298SC (= 29,8SD)

I really like this outfit. It's very feminine, very sweet, simple and it has Spring written all over it.

PS.: What do you think about the new currency? I must say I'm not a fan at all! I mean, I only earn 0,3SD for voting for someone? And before, altough we could only save 1SD, we earned 5SD, not 4SD (because you can only earn 40SC per day). At least you can save your money 'till 1000SC. Maybe I'm just not used to it. What do you think about it?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

PPQ Spring/Summer

O-My-Gaawd :P
Ha , yes this is a new post!
Lisa here , I can't find my banner!So yeah , grr.

I really like this collection.
I love the colors , and the pieces are really..pretty.
They put together nice outfits as well , which is good to showcase the items right.
I think a really good thing , is that there are a good few versatile pieces.
I always say thats a good thing.
The best thing , is the prices. 
Usally for a dress from PPQ it might cost 30-45SD , but they are cheaper.
It doesn't have a big effect on me , I get rubbish/crap starcoins..Ughh

Im not the best at reviews , its more Jess's thing.
Rating out of ten:

Lisa xx :)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Spoiler: Dang Magazine and Rare Beauty Magazine

Dang Magazine is looking for writers. If you are interested, apply as quick as possible!

Loved the spoiler! It's so simple and beautiful. Visit their page here: Rare Beauty Magazine
They are also hiring, so apply quickly!