Sunday, January 16, 2011


I first arrived at the party with high hopes but it came to my attention that there were few attendees. Nevertheless I stayed at the party, anticipating the collection. Waiting and wondering, how will the models look, will the clothes be good? All these questions going through my head. The owner, sinbabee, messaged me over chat saying 'Lily's not going to make it'. She seemed really worried and so did I. I thought I'd have to wait for her arrival. Shortly after I got another message over chat and it was saying that it had been released. I quickly rushed to their site and drooled. The collection was more than amazing, more than fantastic, more than excellent. It was AWESOME! The outfits fit the models really well and the clothes were so realistic that I wanted them. NOW!

Here are my favourites; although it was hard to choose.

Model 1: I loved this models walk and the dress was fitted. Maybe not the best option but the outfit overall is really good. I also enjoyed the colouring and how it matched the make-up which was really good.Model 2: This is me favourite from the whole collection. It is totally unique yet it has some similar aspects such as the studded neckline and cuffs. This is really realistic, I love the glitter, models hair and the appearance as a whole. Stardoll Fashion Crazes BEST BUY!Model 3: I particularly liked the outfit and shoes. It was a simple design with customations. Although the outfit looks great, the hair and make-up didn't appear 'matching' to me.

So I thought that I'd finished watching the fashion show when I was greeted with an accessory line. They all had a similar design but with different colours so it was difficult to choose favourites as they all rocked. But the purses were the BEST part of the collection. They added the finished touch. So thankyou to all people who took part in this collection. We declare this a SUCCESS!

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