Sunday, January 2, 2011

Competition! Help Us Reach Our Goal!

It feels like ages since I posted here,doesn't it?
Anyway,A competition IS COMING YOUR WAY!
First,I will explain it:
It is a simple,inviting competition.
You will invite people to follow this blog,and comment ON THIS POST saying who invited them.
I know most people would be like 'Oh Gosh' but we are trying to reach a goal.
50 Followers By The First Of February
So you have a whole month to invite as much people as you can.
Whoever wins gets:
A ten question interview and a link to their suite in the sidebar for a month.
I know this post will eventually get lost,so I will put a link to it in the sidebar , so whoever you invite can find this post and comment on it.
I would really like a lot of you to participate.I will let this drop:
If we reach our goal by the first of February,within that week another competition will begin and it is going to be a good one.
With a good prize.
Make sure they understand that they will have to comment on THIS POST for it to count.
They have to say who invited them as well.
PLEASE participate,this will be amazing if we reach our goal.

Lisa xx :)

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