Saturday, January 15, 2011

Antidote: The Review

Hello everyone!
I know this blog has been a bit inactive,and I apologize for that,I know that Taylor and Jessica's schools have started so they can't be as active.
My school started too but , I dont get as much homework as they do so I can still come online.
But anyway.
Yesterday or the day before,Antidote came out.
I personally love this store.
For its bright colors and originality.
In the last few collections  , Antidote has lost the originality point,but the clothes are still gorgeous to me!
I bought . . .three dresses and two pairs of shoes.
I don't have a picture for you,because when my laptop drank tea...My right mouse thingy doesn't work so its too difficult to make a picture.
In any clothes,its important to have originality in it,right?
That is something(like I said) that Antidote has.
I remember the first piece of it that I bought.
It was a blue top,with a pink skull on it.
But Im positive I sold it.
And then there was a collection filled wit ice cream and pinkness!
I bought a dress out of that collections.
I remember  , the collection before this one,I was determined to buy SOMETHING.
I ended up buying a dark green bag,its actually really nice!
So,I'm going to do a proper review on the items I bought.
First one is the . . .One Shoulder Dress.
This is a dark purple very mini dress,with a grey belt around the waist.
I absolutely LOVED this dress,and bought it even though it was 100SD.
You could barely see the pink line on it!
This dress is truly gorgeous.
Its also purple,which can be a hard color to work with,but as long as black,white and grey own a spot in your closet,your fine.
This is okay to wear with jeans,I think.
I tried it with black tights and I didn't like it,but thats just my opinion,Im sure there are tons of ways you can wear this dress.
Second item is the . . . Grey And Purple Heeled Graphic Boots.
Again,these shoes are AMAZING.
And since their grey,they are very versatile.
They go perfectly with our purple dress up there too.
These boots,can match NEARLY everything because their grey.
My favourite colors are,white,black and grey.
Because they match everything.
These style of boots is also quite popular I think.
I bought the same boots in the purple too,so I decided to just devote one paragraph to the two of them.
The purple boots are not as versatile as the grey,so I will be wearing them less than the grey ones,but still I love both of them equally!
(Lol,now THAT sounded weird xD)
I was hoping the purple boots would match the one shoulder purple dress,but their two two completely different shades.
But,people say you should take risks with fashion,so one day,I'm sure I will pair them together.
8 1/2 / 10

The second last thing I bought was the . . .Side Ruffle Sheath .
This is a blue dress , by the way.
But this is by FAR the best thing in the whole collection!
(From my point of view,anyway)
I paired it with the grey graphic boots,and left it for two days!
I don't have much to say,just these three words:

The last thing I bought,was last minute..
The red shoulder pom pom dress.
I was looking to get it in the fully black one,but sadly it was sold out.
Some people will say its ugly,but its one of  the items that has originality in it!
I will say,it goes with very few things,but I am determined to make it work.
Its not versatile either,which makes it harder to pair things with.
7 1/2 / 10

Lisa xx :)

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