Monday, January 10, 2011

Reminder and Sorry :S

Yes , yes it is me...
Sorry for my absence over the past  . . . week :S .
But I DO have an explanation.
My sister was drinking tea with OUR laptop on her lap and the mug handle broke so..
After I dried off the laptop,and after my computer-expert of a brother (:P) looked at it,all it needed was a new keyboard!
I was SO relieved.
I will say,we have a computer in my house so I will admit I could have posted,but I hate using the computer,laptops are easier for me.
So,after a virus scan to rid the laptop of anything else,I CAN USE IT!
The 'Reminder' part was to REMIND you all of our competition!
Click -->HERE<-- for the details :)
I know this blog has been a TAD inactive over the last week or so,but don't worry.
We'll get 'get back on track' .

Lisa xx :)

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