Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Projects..

First of all,sorry for lack of posts and inactivness.
Usually,I would try and motivate my staff to post more,but I have been busy with this....
(credit to FashionnGirl. for header)
My fashion line!
As of today,it has been open for six days and we have over 700 hits!
Only two out of ten models have been picked.
I have worked so hard on this so far,and if no-one applies for other jobs then . . .
You get the picture.
So if you are a GRAPHIC DESIGNER,please click here and apply.

Second new project I want to tell you about is Venus clothing line.
It is owned by our very own Abbie!
She co-owns this line with Plami161.
This is the spoiler for the line,and it is amazing.
They are currently having a competition that could get your deisgn in SFW.
I entered,the theme is Grecian which just means Greek.
It took me awhile to thunk of sometihng,but trust me.
You'll be glad you entered if you did and when you do!

I'm actually not going to list all of the new projects in dollywood in this post,but don't worry.
You'll all get your shoutouts! :)

Lisa xx :)

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