Sunday, February 27, 2011

SD Roses - Favorites!

Im back from London  , and I won't go into details now.
But , the new SD Roses collection was released today , about half an hour ago for me..
The collection was made up of twelve looks , and these three were my favorites.
The designer evermore1girl was the only graphics designer , so that would be extra difficult!

Lisa xx: :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


First of all , thank you if you bother to read this but.
I'm going to London for a two-day trip so I won't be online.
I know I haven't posted today , but to be honest Im sick of seeing this posting template thingy!
Im excited that I'll be in London during Fashion Week :O
I'll talk to yous soon <3

Lisa xx :)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Taking a break

That's right. I'm taking a break from stardoll. I think it's for the best. I mean, I feel like I've been logging in on stardoll because I had to and not because I wanted to. I prefere to leave and then come back feeling good and excited about stardoll news and stuff like that insted of being here just 'cause.
I don't know when I will come back. The last time I took a break from stardoll it only lasted a week! And on the third day I was dying to log in (LOL)! And that is the feeling I don't have anymore.
I will come to stardoll, to see if I have any friend requests and stuff like that, but I won't be changing my outfit or stuff like that, because I'm never in the mood to do it (that's why I'm leaving, dah)
So, see you soon (:


New StarDesigner : AislinVictory

Well this is a slight surprise!
The mind behind ElitesExposed is going into the fashion business.
These designs look really nice,and I will be buying one of them believe me!
I hope you do too..
I think the coats are only 16SD , and the scarves are around 8SD I think.
But there is only two scarves and a coat as Im writing this,so go grab 'em fast!

Lisa xx :)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

The little black dress...

The vital part to any wardrobe. The thing that is always there for you. The thing that will never go wrong, well nearly never. This is one of ten key wardrobe piece that I will be showing you, with these pieces in your back pocket your wardrobe will be a hit! This applies for real life and stardoll, you need to find something to suit your body shape. When picking your little black dress you need to think about a few things,

  • Make sure it fits your shape
  • Make it plain, it is always better to accessorise
  • Don't make it TO long
  • Don't make it TO short
I have found a few example which I think would be perfect:




Fallen Angel 



A short dress is a DON'T for people with a bottom heavy shape, this makes them look bigger.

The next essential item will be... The white shirt


Thursday, February 10, 2011

I have approval...

Well, as you can probably guess I'm off doing a project elsewhere around Stardoll. I couldn't and still cannot post on here due to work. I'm also really caught up with my homework and studying. I'm about to choose what I want to study so of course, I'm still deciding. I'm not sure when I can continue to post but I haven't forgotten about this blog. I've told Lisa and she said that it's fine so my medoll is going on vacation . I hope you understand, love Abbie xx

Stylish Member of the Week : Tapstar321

She never fails to impress me with her endless fashion sense and bottomless Stardoll wardrobe!
While she focuses on her Doll's outfit,the make-up obviously plays a big part too.
Her doll's make-up right now is very simple but it looks really good!
She was inspired by these pictures:

The reason why she was picked:
Her outfit and MeDoll is so simple yet

its so pretty!I chose Nicole as
Stylish Member Of The Week
Because her make-up and outfit is always
really nice.

Me: Heya Nicole!How are you?
Nicole : Im good,and you Lisa?

Me: I'm fine.Can I ask,how long does it take for you to find ideas for your Doll?
Nicole: I am constantly getting inspiration from various editorials and photo shoots for my medoll. 
For example, my current look is hugely inspired by Topshop's dyed colorful highlights.

Me: Yes,and our readers can view that look above me.From make-up to clothes,do you think simplicity is one of the best ways to go?
Nicole: It really depends on what your going for.
Me : Examples?
Nicole: Sometimes those very complicated outfits can be really chic, and sometimes all it takes is a simple dress and pumps to rock a fashionable outfit.

Me: Couldn't agree more.What encouraged you to start Forever Chic Magazine?
Nicole: It was really just a way to practice my graphics at first.But later,I became serious about it.The feeling of getting compliments in my guestbook,on chat , and in my inbox for something that I word hard for,is very fulfilling . I also think I learned a lot of skills by owning and managing a magazine , especially business skills such as how to promote your magazine and how to make it something that a lot of people are going to read.  

Me: You certainly got that right then!Lastly,is there any message you want to give our readers?
Nicole: If there is something you want to do,just do it!I did my magazine,didn't I?

Thank you for this interview :)
To view FCM click HERE .

Lisa xx :)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Be Virtually Fashionable! #1

Some of you may be puzzled when it comes to fashion.
Some may understand fashion,but don't know what to do with their outfits.
You have to make the choice,is your outfit just gonna be so you like it or will everyone like it.
I do realize that fashion is a form of self expression,so you can follow these tips to clear out your virtual warddrobe and real one.
Wardrobe Clear Out!
1. Strip your wardrobe!Pull out everything or do it section by section.
Anything you KNOW you will never wear again,make a pile and toss that over there.
If there is something your not sure about make a new pile and you can get back to that at the end!
2. If there is something you LOVE but have not worn it in ages,slip it on and if it turns out you dont like it on you,toss it.
If its too small  , toss it or if your really creative make a fabric belt or scarf  or even a wrap out of a dress! Also,if something you love but your not sure if it still fits you and you cant make an on-the-spot decision throw it to the 'I Don't Know' pile!
3. Look through the different things , there should be one divisor in your wardrobe and that is Winter and Summer. If its Summer and there is winter things that fit JUST right and I mean JUST fits,toss it.
By the time winter comes around it will probably not fit you so there is not point in keeping it. (this is more for real life than virtual I guess)
4. Get up to date with the trends!I mean right now,for Sprin/Summer so far,I've hard is denim,stripes,neons and pastels.
But look at the latest fashion shows.
You dont need to look at everything but some would help.
On Stardoll,to clear out your wardrobe try putting the 'No's' in your storage so its like it was never even there!
Get up to date with new trends in StarPlaza,by using your five SD a day.Its a good way to build up your virtual wardrobe,also try buying versatile pieces.
Did this help you?
Tell me in the comments?
Lisa xx :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Chance For Fashion..

Who's That Chiick? (referring to Rihanna's song,hmph,smart me!)
I know I have been absent,and the blog is being very inactive and I apologize for that.
I do realize I have been a bad owner,or co-owner so bad founder I guess...
I have not been posting because I am majorly busy with my fashion line Lisa Couture,I think you can click it in the sidebar,I'm not sure...
Anyway the means of this post is this:
(T.E.T = Extraordinary Three)
Somw of you might have already grasped why I thought of this title!
Before I explain,this party (I assume) will be a big success!I personally think there should be more of these parties around Dollywood,other than magazine,fashion line,blog releases!
I will be attending, (I hope anyway) , the bracketts are because I often forget things,no offence :P
SO,the meaning of this title is the dress code!
The dress code is GaGa,so to me that does not mean imitating Lady GaGa or copying an outfit of hers,to me that means 'Be Original'  , 'Take Risks With Fashion'  , 'Be Unique' , 'Be A Trendsetter ' .
Those four sentences are describing GaGa's fashion,to me anyway.
So I will try my best , Eamonn , will everyone else??

L:isa xx :)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Inspired by: Black Swan

Long time no see! Unfortunately, due to school, I haven't been able to log on as much as I used to. I even had classes to give! And, this post isn't a full "comeback", I just feel bad because I haven't been paying more attention to the blog. But I will try to write tons of posts on vacation.

So, everyone knows about the amazing movie Black Swan, right? I have to admite I haven't seen the movie yet. But I will!
You have probably noticed there are lots of "Black Swan Styled Outfits" out there. My top 3 where:
(Image Credit to Super Style Stardoll Fashion)

They look amazing! You can see Star_Awards wearing one UndamyUmbrellla's latest designs. And blugreen86's famouse DYI outfits. All of the outfits looks like they came out of the movie, but you can also spot every girls personal touch. That thing you see and say: "you can see she made this". That is something not many pepole can do. That is why they are such style icons on stardoll.