Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wanna Be A Model?

Hey Hey!
Here , I will present you with TWO (yes TWO) modeling opportunities.
One , will get you many more modeling jobs while the other will give you just one.

TThe first one is for my fashion line , Lisa Couture.
I'm not promoting myself , I'm writing this so that you can know the two opportunities.
I dont know if many of you saw the first collection , but it was released on Saturday.
To view the first collection , click HERE .
Anyway , we are looking for graphic designers ,AND models for the second collection.
Fourteen models are needed , so I think you should sign up .
All you graphic designers as well!

Walk On This Runway!
(Made by Rascal313)

The second job , is a modeling agency.
This is my agency , and we are in need of CLIENTS AND MODELS.
The first four models were just chosen last night.
You can sign up any time , sign ups will NEVER be closed.
So , you are welcome to come and sign up.
If you are with another agency exclusively then sorry , you cannot sign up , but if you are with an agency with a non-exclusive contract then you can sign up.
And same goes for if your with no agency at all!
Anyway , its called The Modeling Group.
To visit the blog just click HERE .

I hope some of you sign up or follow the blog to see how things unfold :)

Lisa xx :)

Monday, March 28, 2011

What Is Fashion?

I know I should have an excuse for not posting...but I dont.
Anyway , I'm here to help some of you readers find your own answer to this question:
What is fashion?
Really , this might sound cheesy but its whatever you want it to be!
Maybe you have an edgy style , rock those ripped jeans!
Maybe you like a touch of Gothic .. (sense? :S ) , wear those lace arm warmers!
Personally , I love lace gloves , they look great with dresses! (Lol)
Anyway , the answer is different to everyone.
The bit above , thats more style than answering the question but it IS related.
But really , so far this isn't a long post and I've realized wheres the fun (for you) if I try and find that answer for you?
You have to find that out yourself.
This part will be about my style.
When I was younger , I loved all that girly stuff.
Y'know pink everywhere and I rarely wore jeans.
Then , when I was nine (remember Im only eleven) and a bit after I was ten I was into all this dark stuff.
Best way to describe it , is a Gothic Phase really.
I knew there was a great history behind it all , but I was never bothered to try and know any of it.
I ended up getting a book called Gothic Charm School .
It was an okay read , and I still have it.
But I've moved on.
Now my style is high waisted trouers and shorts (never any in my size though xD) jumpsuits (summer) , jeggings ..A lot of jeggings .
I LOVE hats and necklaces.
I prefer long necklaces than short.
Whereas , your style may be something like skirts , floral prints and big rings.
I love big rings..
Anyway , sorry about that.
But the thing with fashion is , like I said its anything you want it to be.
Meaning , you can express yourself with fashion , clothes in your wardrobe or maybe design your own on paper.
The possibilities are endless.
Look at Stardoll Fashion Week.
I bet loads of people were inspired to start designing , and some probably made outfits on stardoll.

Lisa xx :)
Sorry for not continuing the SFW cover, but this week I have 4 exams! So I really have to study and it's almost impossible to write something interesting and still study and many other things. BUt don't worry, it's ONLY for this week, next week I only have my English test and then HOLIDAYS! So next week I will try to make a post almost everyday.
So, see you next week! ;)

Friday, March 25, 2011

SFW A/W'11: Day 4

I was going to write something yesterday, but I had violin class today so had to practise before 8pm (or my neighbors would kill me!). Yesterday, almost everything went smoth, excpet for the fact that Lipstick Magazin didn't came out. I was really looking foward to see it, so I was kindda sad when Becka announced that the owner of Lipstick wasn't online. But still, to collections were realeased: Speechless and Opposition.


Linnea (.pease.)

Owner(s): Greta Barnes (gri-gre) and Alexandra Taylor (miladyfashion)
I really have to be honest, this collection didn't left me speechless at all. The shapes of the dresses were simple and almost all of them looked likesomething I've seen before. I'm not saying they are ugly, because they are not, some of them are nice, but the colors didn't helped either. Some of them were to bright and exagerated. Maybe it was supposed to be fun, but I don't think it worked out with all of them. And all those sparkles were just too much. One thing t
hat I tought was positive were the shoes. Some of them looked very original and were really good! And some of the models have really nice makeup (like Linnea in the picture above). Maybe you should try to take a bit more risk when it comes to shape, maybe that will help (:

Alexia (alexia1250 - not really sure about her real name)

Owner(s): Anna and Mary (Fol_let, mar1sKa)
Amazing collection! The legs to the knee was a really nice touch (I wear that all the time in real life :b). The using of transparent clothing really gave it a nice touch and made it look like they combined different fabrics. I must say I don't like one or tow dresses, but most of the outfits are really good. And the pieces alone, without being in the outfit, look even better! And you can see they payed attention to so many details. For example, the models: you can see that the models that are wearing the angel outfits, most of them, look more happy, more smiley and nice, but the devil outfit models look more serious and mean, and that is a realyy nice detail! So I must say I enjoyed this collection a lot, and keep up the great work!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

SFW A/W'11: Day 3

Hi pepole! Today is the third day of SFW and 3 collections were released: Fantasy, Monster and Wonderland Of E.
Once again, I wasn't able to attend the party. But lets get back to business.

Nicki (Tapstar321)

Owner(s): Ellen Rouge (eeleenyte10)
I didn't find this collection amazing, but it's not bad either. Some of the clothing would work alone, but in the whole outfit thogheter didn't look that good. The skirts look really good and it's something I would like to be able to buy on stardoll. Overall it was a go
od collection: not great but not bad either! Next time, try not to play so safe in some of the outfits and dare to be different; the outfits that were the most "weird", to me, were the best, so take a risk! (:


Owner(s): Eliza Wooldoor (Wooldoor)
I am in love with monster! Everything was tought to the most minor detail in such an amazing way. The shoes, the makeup, the hair... Evertything is so different and unique yet, they all looks like it belongs thogether. And the way she plays with color and shape is so interesting to see! One of my favourites 'till now, for sure! Keep up the great work Eliza!

Wonderland Of E
Charlotte (N1mka4eva)

Owner(s): Emily Vain (Pirata111)
Amazing collection! You can easily se the main idea and what was the designer's direction. The gowns are very beautiful and colors all go together so well. Altough it was inspired by the Ancient Egypt, the platform heels really give the outfit a modern look, and altought it should have made huge weird contrast between the ancient and the current fashion, somehow it goes really well together. This was a really interesting collection, and I hope you keep up the good work!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

SFW A/W'11: Day 2

Unfortunaetly, I couldn't attend today's party, but read some blogs and it looks like it went really well and it was a great party!
Three collections were realeased: Kharma, BYS and Extraordinary

Linnea (.pease.)

Owner(s): Linus Leonardsson (Dog_boy96)
I find this collection to be very calm, dark and in some way proporcional (the colors don't defer too much, which is nice). The dark colours and the platform heels give this collection an edgy look. So it's calm, but edgy at the same time in a nice way which is really good.

Jessica (Jay.Pattinson - it's me, yay!)

Owner(s): Amanda O'Neill (Blahm3) and Tonia Dems (Tonia.ftw)
This was my favourite collection! I am so happy to be a model for this collection! When I saw my doll wearing the blue dress above I was so excited! The collection is very stuning. The dresses are unique, eccentric and fun. They used so many different colors that the co
llection looked so happy; I really liked it.


Owner(s): Eamonn Collins (FashionMan.) and Kimberly Dean (xxlovexx)
This collection was nice. I won't say I love it, but I don't hate, I just like it. It has many outfits I like, but some of them I'm not really a fan. I like the colors, altough I'm not a big fan of gold, I always love to see gold and black together, and the purple goes well with it.

SFW A/W'11: Day 1

It's me again! I didn't said before, but I wanted to say sorry for saying I was back and then being absent for so long. Like I said before, I have a new computer, but my mom didn't buy it just because it was my birthday, she also gave it to me because my old PC broke down. So I was 4/5 days (something like that) without computer. But now I'm back for real! (and still no banner -.-)

Yay! Stardoll Fashion Week is back! I know I'm a bit late to post about Day 1, but I w
anted everything organized.
Yesterday, it was realeased the schedule for the week:

I am so excited! I really liked the last SFW, even with the delays, I thought it was really fun, the collections, the magazines, everything was amazing! Plus, it was the first time, it's important to keep that in mind. And this time, I participate a little bit! yay!

Also, the amazing starbazaar collections were realesed. These are the designers:
And NOH8 also have a special edition clothing line and will be holding a raffle for the pepole who buy they're designs! Click here to go to the NOH8 stardoll page.

Speaking of raffles, like last year, you will be able to buy lottery tickets on SFW's official stardoll page. The 3 winners will get 100 stardollars, a photoshoot and an interview with Eternity Magazine! What an amazing prize!

And this is just the start! This will be a very exciting week on Dollywood!

Spoiler: Cyanide Magazine

This Jay.Pattinsons here! I'm sorry I have no banner, but my birthday was on the 20th of this month and my mom FINALLY gave me a new computer (this baby!) so I have nothing on this computer.
Back to the subject:

I really like this spoiler! It's simple yet it can give us an idea of what is coming. It's very pretty and girly, but I like it. Can't wait to see more!

Monday, March 21, 2011


(Left to right: Iovanca , coconut-nicole and FierceIsMyThing. Graphic by Plami161)

Sorry for no banner!
Anyway , Stardoll Fashion Week is finally here , for real this time!
I love the spoiler , is beautiful!
I will be doing reviews on each and every collection released this week , so those who dont want to follow it directly can still know!
But , if you really want all the details your better off going to MDM .
And , I am very happy to say one of my designs will be featured in Stardoll Fashion Week!
Yeep! One design!
It is for Extraordinary By Eamonn , I'm so happy about it!
Well see yous later,right?
If your reading this..y'know...Come back later ;D

Lisa xx :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Jenny's Farewell Interview (Wa wa wa wa wa waaaa)


Some may just have picked your jaw up from the floor or shook your head disappointedly or shed a virtual tear , or had an angry thought.
Jenny is amny things.
A fashionista is definitely one of them.
If you take off a piece of her outfit there is another piece under that and so on.
Layers , is what these are t you noobs.
One of her talents is this.
I can't do it , because then I would like a noob who tried it.
I and you readers are lucky to read what might be One Of Jenny's Last Interviews On Stardoll.
That was very dramatic I have to say , only way to sum it up

Me: Hi Jenny!First of all , thank you for agreeing to do this interview.How are you?
Jenny: Oh well I am great today, it was my birthday and I have just been so happy all day! All my friends sang Happy Birthday to me in every lesson to mock me and it got quite annoying but I love them.

Me: Well happy birthday in that case!
To some who don't know your leaving , this is a shock to them.
Would you mind explaining why?

Jenny: I am just very busy in my life at the moment, now and in the future wil be very important to me- these hours that I spend on Stardoll be used to study and get the best grades possible. I really want to do well at school and I guess that there is not much time for Stardoll anymore.

I am also deciding to leave because of all the tedious dramas and gossips- the majority of people on Stardoll are so transparent- it is obvious to see that they are what I call "fake". I am leaving all the bad things but I shall greatly miss my dear friends here.

Me: A lot of people leave Stardoll for that reason , but in my opinion if any grades slip its not the Internets fault , to me its really your own.Do you agree or disagree?
Jenny: I agree- at a certain age when you are able to do things, it is YOU who is responsible for yourself. I learned at an early age to take care of myself as my parents were always out working, I was independant at about eight or nine years old. I studied everyday and still done all the house chores when I felt like it! Your own future is in your own hands, and it is one's fault if they fail. Well that is the case usually, most people in the weat do not appreciate education- all they do is just go out and play, have fun, get drunk etc. Whereas if you look at places such as India, children love school, they want to go to school and the ones that are able to will really try at school- education has different values in different places. My parents have always pushed me to do well and I have, I study hours on end, I still go out with my friends and have fun but I was taught to be "selfish". I do not want to be the failure that flips burgers at the fast food store.

Me: Well , I must say good for you :) Moving on , you always have amazing outfits , how much do you think you 'evolved' since day one on Stardoll?
Jenny: When I first started Stardoll- it was through a school friend who recommended this site, I love dressing up the dolls, that was the reason why I was on here. It took me about about a few months later after discovering the website that I made an account. I was amazed by all the amazing and beautiful dolls I saw, primarily the covergirls and I really wanted to claim that title, it was ironic as I do not even care for "Covergirl" anymore, its meaning has diminished greatly over the years. I remember that my first outfits were very simple but I gradually gained some more fashion sense here and made myself unique. I always take inspiration from other users. I remember that my best friend that I first had (she is not active anymore) helped to try and bring out the best in me- she was a 3x CG and won sceneries about not Isabella haha, someone else. We always chatted and had fun with each other, we could trust each other but one day she left and she has not some back fully since, we have had snippets of conversation but she is very busy and really miss her. I have been on Stardoll for about 4 years now and I think that I have grown and flourished ever since.

Me:Many people would surely take inspiration from your outfits and you in general , even though this is virtual have you ever wished you were away from the 'public' eye?
Jenny: I know that most people strive gain certain title- and asides from covergirl it is to be an "elite". Do not get me wrong, I love making friends and getting compliment but sometimes it it obvious to see who wants what...fame? And I try to be nice to everyone- even the ones who want to feed off of my "fame". At times I do wish that my profile would be kept low.

Me: What do you think are your biggest achievements on Stardoll , or in the part that include agency's , blogs and fashion lines thats known as 'Dollywood' ?
Jenny: I am not sure what my achievements are. A few years ago I got scenery winner a few times and got 4th and 5th etc in Covergirl, I do not consider them my achievements now- they did mean alot to me at the time and I was filled with glee when I knew that I won, who would not?!

But if you are speaking about right now, I would have to say that being a writer on Medoll Memoires is probably my biggest achievement in terms of blogging and "Dollywood". I am just so grateful that Noelle and Isabella let me express my thoughts and ideas on the blog, I can write about almost anything I want and I love it. Asides from that I already write for a few magazines and am a judge for about two or three modelling agencies and that is it!

Me: Your lucky , a lot of people don't even get those prizes :) What are your favorite blogs to read - besides MDM - and why?
Jenny: I do love MDM a lot, but asides from that I enjoy reading Editorialized, why? I really like the blog because it does not harbour endless gossips, but pure fashion- the blog itself is so classy and has great writers. The posts about scenery's amaze me! I also like LNWC, it is easy and simple to read and of course, entertaining. When Elites exposed was still around- I adored her blog so much, it is sad that Aislin has closed it now, I genuininely liked it.

Me:  A lot of people did.Sorry if it seems I'm jumping from one topic to another . . . .But in real life , what do you like to do?
Jenny: I actually spend most of my time studying, although I do not enjoy it as such. I hate tucking my head into a textbook- it is such a boring task but I want to do well so I force myself to study. Haha, death by studying! I do like playing my piano and my violin, I have been playing them for about 2 years now and I have grown to be quite skillful at it. I also enjoy just hanging out with my friends too.

Me :  What events do you enjoy ? Like parties , or release parties.
Jenny: Well on Stardoll I do not really go to many parties- I find that many of them are quite dull! Although it is very funny to just sit back and watch the crazy and sometimes cruel antics of others.

Me: Are there a lot of days , when you know you should post on any blogs you work for ,  but you cannot think of a single thing?
Jenny: Yeah, I should have posted much more often but I cannot think of anything interesting to write about! I avoid writing about gossip etc- that is what PSG is for and Medoll Memoires is slightly different. I try to post about things with thought and logic behind it.

Me:I think we all hate when we have nothing to post about.
Did you ever think of making your own blog?
Jenny: I admire the people who can start their own blog- like Noelle and Perez. I honestly would not know where to start, it seems like way too much work! And the graphics, writers etc all need to be done, I am just not for that type of thing. I would rather just be a writer and help out the owners!

Me: What is your worst and best stardoll experience , on Stardoll or blogging?
Jenny: Well the best thing that has happened for me on Stardoll is being a writer for MDM, I love that blog, I love sharing my writing with others and I LOVE getting the feedback from others- it is safe to say that I love Medoll Memoires! And of course everyone there. I feel privileged to write for such an amazing blog with many readers etc, I can influence many others by doing this.

Asides from the blogging, it is the beautiful people I have met here on Stardoll; I have made so many fabulous friends. They are understanding and always there for me.

And the worst things? Breaking up with friends

Me: This is sadly , one of our last few questions , Jenny.
Is there any thing you would like to say to anyone?
Jenny:  I have a lot of things to say to many people, but I am going to keep that for the last few days that I am on Stardoll. I would like to thanks all the people that have supported me throughout the years and of course all of my friends who have kept me happy here!
And thank you!

Me: Also , are you sad about your departure from this virtual world?
Jenny: I am not sure, I am going to be quite upset about leaving my many great friends that I have made on here, but I feel that I am glad to leave...I am not sure why- but I feel more "free"!

Thank you Jenny , for letting the readers of SDFC hear what you think :)
I think we'll all miss you , and your posts and not to mention , your amazing outfits.
Goodbye Jenny , have a nice 'break' ? (We wish..)

Lisa xx :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lá Fhéile Pádraig Sona '

Ba mhaith liom a  Naomh Pádraig sona Lá 'chun aon duine aléann seo.
Ós rud é go bhfuil mé Gaeilge chinn  a dhéanamh ar an bpostbeag i nGaeilge.
Tá a fhios agam an-beag a bheidh fiú in ann a thuiscint an teachtaireacht seo.
Ach, go raibh maith agat an méid sin a léamh, agus go bhfuil anméid a choimeádann dom scríbhneoirí ar an dul chun cinn.
Go raibh maith agat
(Use Google Translate)

Lisa xx :) 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day Old Miss Sixty ( :P )

Gaah sorry its so small!
Anyway , I know I've said sorry for being inactive before and I've promised to be more active and then that promise is broken like...a day later?
Or two..
(I say that too much , even though I've only said it twice now..Thats only one paragraph.I'll stop this!)
The TWO new Miss Sixty floors.
I personally love them , while I don't like all peices (eeh . .who does?) but I have my own 'wishlist' already.
The only thing that I don't like is the prices.
Yes , yes , this is all wwe get from Stardoll nowadays...Higher prices and more scams.
But , now that I think about it , if this was REAL LIFE people would be like "Thats cheap!" But its not real life is it?
Sorry if this post is messy , I don't mean for it to be.
My favorite thing is the blue jumpsuit!
Its just gorgeous...Really...Just gorgeous!
Also , tomorrow is St.Patricks Day!
Tomorrow I'll upload a picture of my nails , their not amazing but their nice..
Yes their just the irish flag but I'll still show you!
I remember , in my first St.Patrick's Day on Stardoll I couldn't get five SD to buy a dress..
Only five stardollars!
That was in 2009 , two years later and we're probably going to end up paying over ten.
Not much to a lot of people , but right now for me ...If I paid ten for something I'd ave two stardollars left.
I'm not virtually loaded...
Okay , this is more a talk about prices on Stardoll than the new Miss Sixty store.
I often go astray...
Have you bought anything in the Miss Sixty stores , since it came out?
Do you think its very pricey , or is it cheap to you?

Lisa xx :) 

Sunday, March 13, 2011

SFW: Postponed

Hey! Now I can really say: I'm am back and full of energy! Well, not really. I have been feeling really tired with school and everything, but doesn't matter. During my absence, I maneged to find a bit of that stardoll love I had in the beggining. But enough about me, lets get to the topic.

Yes, SFW has been postponed, again! I don't blame Becka, I mean, this is something that takes a lot of work to organize and pepole have a real life to deal with aswell. I mean, I only work at this blog and there were times I had trouble balancing school work with the blog!
I really don't mind the delays. I prefere a ceremony that takes more time preparing and then blows our mind to a ceremony that is made in a hurry and then it sucks! We just want an awsome Fashion Week.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

LE Decor

Hi everyone! Has you can see, stardoll has released a new LE collection. But this time it's all interior!
I think the items are gorgeous! But, as usual, I'm not going to buy any. Are you going to buy any?