Saturday, January 15, 2011


If you have been on Stardoll since the beginning up until a year ago then you will know how cheap clothes used to be. An example of Stardoll's 'kindness' was the Kohls store which had all of its clothing at an average of 3/4sd but today you'd be lucky to find a 6sd dress! Especially for a non-ss. These days I resort to Stardesigns from other members. The designs are reasonably priced and really good designs and the best part, they're almost unique! My favourite designer for my style of clothing is from Melody1970.

Unsurprisingly when I visited her page a lot of her designs were sold out, and ironically they're my favourites that were sold! Anyway the best dresses she makes (in my opinion) are 8sd and I have 2 of these! Totally affordable and convenient. Stardoll Fashion Craze's BEST BOUTIQUE.

I will update this post soon :) x

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