Monday, March 28, 2011

What Is Fashion?

I know I should have an excuse for not posting...but I dont.
Anyway , I'm here to help some of you readers find your own answer to this question:
What is fashion?
Really , this might sound cheesy but its whatever you want it to be!
Maybe you have an edgy style , rock those ripped jeans!
Maybe you like a touch of Gothic .. (sense? :S ) , wear those lace arm warmers!
Personally , I love lace gloves , they look great with dresses! (Lol)
Anyway , the answer is different to everyone.
The bit above , thats more style than answering the question but it IS related.
But really , so far this isn't a long post and I've realized wheres the fun (for you) if I try and find that answer for you?
You have to find that out yourself.
This part will be about my style.
When I was younger , I loved all that girly stuff.
Y'know pink everywhere and I rarely wore jeans.
Then , when I was nine (remember Im only eleven) and a bit after I was ten I was into all this dark stuff.
Best way to describe it , is a Gothic Phase really.
I knew there was a great history behind it all , but I was never bothered to try and know any of it.
I ended up getting a book called Gothic Charm School .
It was an okay read , and I still have it.
But I've moved on.
Now my style is high waisted trouers and shorts (never any in my size though xD) jumpsuits (summer) , jeggings ..A lot of jeggings .
I LOVE hats and necklaces.
I prefer long necklaces than short.
Whereas , your style may be something like skirts , floral prints and big rings.
I love big rings..
Anyway , sorry about that.
But the thing with fashion is , like I said its anything you want it to be.
Meaning , you can express yourself with fashion , clothes in your wardrobe or maybe design your own on paper.
The possibilities are endless.
Look at Stardoll Fashion Week.
I bet loads of people were inspired to start designing , and some probably made outfits on stardoll.

Lisa xx :)

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