Wednesday, March 23, 2011

SFW A/W'11: Day 3

Hi pepole! Today is the third day of SFW and 3 collections were released: Fantasy, Monster and Wonderland Of E.
Once again, I wasn't able to attend the party. But lets get back to business.

Nicki (Tapstar321)

Owner(s): Ellen Rouge (eeleenyte10)
I didn't find this collection amazing, but it's not bad either. Some of the clothing would work alone, but in the whole outfit thogheter didn't look that good. The skirts look really good and it's something I would like to be able to buy on stardoll. Overall it was a go
od collection: not great but not bad either! Next time, try not to play so safe in some of the outfits and dare to be different; the outfits that were the most "weird", to me, were the best, so take a risk! (:


Owner(s): Eliza Wooldoor (Wooldoor)
I am in love with monster! Everything was tought to the most minor detail in such an amazing way. The shoes, the makeup, the hair... Evertything is so different and unique yet, they all looks like it belongs thogether. And the way she plays with color and shape is so interesting to see! One of my favourites 'till now, for sure! Keep up the great work Eliza!

Wonderland Of E
Charlotte (N1mka4eva)

Owner(s): Emily Vain (Pirata111)
Amazing collection! You can easily se the main idea and what was the designer's direction. The gowns are very beautiful and colors all go together so well. Altough it was inspired by the Ancient Egypt, the platform heels really give the outfit a modern look, and altought it should have made huge weird contrast between the ancient and the current fashion, somehow it goes really well together. This was a really interesting collection, and I hope you keep up the good work!

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