Monday, March 21, 2011


(Left to right: Iovanca , coconut-nicole and FierceIsMyThing. Graphic by Plami161)

Sorry for no banner!
Anyway , Stardoll Fashion Week is finally here , for real this time!
I love the spoiler , is beautiful!
I will be doing reviews on each and every collection released this week , so those who dont want to follow it directly can still know!
But , if you really want all the details your better off going to MDM .
And , I am very happy to say one of my designs will be featured in Stardoll Fashion Week!
Yeep! One design!
It is for Extraordinary By Eamonn , I'm so happy about it!
Well see yous later,right?
If your reading this..y'know...Come back later ;D

Lisa xx :)

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