Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day Old Miss Sixty ( :P )

Gaah sorry its so small!
Anyway , I know I've said sorry for being inactive before and I've promised to be more active and then that promise is broken like...a day later?
Or two..
(I say that too much , even though I've only said it twice now..Thats only one paragraph.I'll stop this!)
The TWO new Miss Sixty floors.
I personally love them , while I don't like all peices (eeh . .who does?) but I have my own 'wishlist' already.
The only thing that I don't like is the prices.
Yes , yes , this is all wwe get from Stardoll nowadays...Higher prices and more scams.
But , now that I think about it , if this was REAL LIFE people would be like "Thats cheap!" But its not real life is it?
Sorry if this post is messy , I don't mean for it to be.
My favorite thing is the blue jumpsuit!
Its just gorgeous...Really...Just gorgeous!
Also , tomorrow is St.Patricks Day!
Tomorrow I'll upload a picture of my nails , their not amazing but their nice..
Yes their just the irish flag but I'll still show you!
I remember , in my first St.Patrick's Day on Stardoll I couldn't get five SD to buy a dress..
Only five stardollars!
That was in 2009 , two years later and we're probably going to end up paying over ten.
Not much to a lot of people , but right now for me ...If I paid ten for something I'd ave two stardollars left.
I'm not virtually loaded...
Okay , this is more a talk about prices on Stardoll than the new Miss Sixty store.
I often go astray...
Have you bought anything in the Miss Sixty stores , since it came out?
Do you think its very pricey , or is it cheap to you?

Lisa xx :) 

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  1. Lisa your writing =] I liked a few clothes but the prices for the nicest things were alot dearer. Then in the end none looked nice on my doll.

    Happy st patricks day Lisa!....