Friday, March 25, 2011

SFW A/W'11: Day 4

I was going to write something yesterday, but I had violin class today so had to practise before 8pm (or my neighbors would kill me!). Yesterday, almost everything went smoth, excpet for the fact that Lipstick Magazin didn't came out. I was really looking foward to see it, so I was kindda sad when Becka announced that the owner of Lipstick wasn't online. But still, to collections were realeased: Speechless and Opposition.


Linnea (.pease.)

Owner(s): Greta Barnes (gri-gre) and Alexandra Taylor (miladyfashion)
I really have to be honest, this collection didn't left me speechless at all. The shapes of the dresses were simple and almost all of them looked likesomething I've seen before. I'm not saying they are ugly, because they are not, some of them are nice, but the colors didn't helped either. Some of them were to bright and exagerated. Maybe it was supposed to be fun, but I don't think it worked out with all of them. And all those sparkles were just too much. One thing t
hat I tought was positive were the shoes. Some of them looked very original and were really good! And some of the models have really nice makeup (like Linnea in the picture above). Maybe you should try to take a bit more risk when it comes to shape, maybe that will help (:

Alexia (alexia1250 - not really sure about her real name)

Owner(s): Anna and Mary (Fol_let, mar1sKa)
Amazing collection! The legs to the knee was a really nice touch (I wear that all the time in real life :b). The using of transparent clothing really gave it a nice touch and made it look like they combined different fabrics. I must say I don't like one or tow dresses, but most of the outfits are really good. And the pieces alone, without being in the outfit, look even better! And you can see they payed attention to so many details. For example, the models: you can see that the models that are wearing the angel outfits, most of them, look more happy, more smiley and nice, but the devil outfit models look more serious and mean, and that is a realyy nice detail! So I must say I enjoyed this collection a lot, and keep up the great work!

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