Thursday, May 19, 2011

Non-SS - #7 look

I'm back with Non-SS looks! For a long time I had no inspiration to create outfits, but I guess the inspiration is coming! I had more outfits already prepared, but I lost my pen, with lots of stuff so I lost all the outfits. But what matters is I'm back!

Peach Moto Zip Jacket - Pretty in Pink - 119 starcoins (SC)
Basic Top - Bisou - 50SC
Peach Bow Tie Belt - 20SC
Beige Mini Skirt - Basic - 40SC
Dusty Pink T-strap Shoes - Pretty in Pink - 69SC
Total: 298SC (= 29,8SD)

I really like this outfit. It's very feminine, very sweet, simple and it has Spring written all over it.

PS.: What do you think about the new currency? I must say I'm not a fan at all! I mean, I only earn 0,3SD for voting for someone? And before, altough we could only save 1SD, we earned 5SD, not 4SD (because you can only earn 40SC per day). At least you can save your money 'till 1000SC. Maybe I'm just not used to it. What do you think about it?

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