Tuesday, May 17, 2011

PPQ Spring/Summer

O-My-Gaawd :P
Ha , yes this is a new post!
Lisa here , I can't find my banner!So yeah , grr.

I really like this collection.
I love the colors , and the pieces are really..pretty.
They put together nice outfits as well , which is good to showcase the items right.
I think a really good thing , is that there are a good few versatile pieces.
I always say thats a good thing.
The best thing , is the prices. 
Usally for a dress from PPQ it might cost 30-45SD , but they are cheaper.
It doesn't have a big effect on me , I get rubbish/crap starcoins..Ughh

Im not the best at reviews , its more Jess's thing.
Rating out of ten:

Lisa xx :)

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