Sunday, May 22, 2011

Want a make-over?

Lisa here , I need to get a banner made , I can't find my old one and if I could it wouldn't match our new look!
I hope you guys like it , my friend (Sam/Rascal313) did it .
Back to the title.
I think everyone asks for a make-over on Stardoll.
I always ask for them , I only ask for password make-overs , but only from my friends.
And just people I know i can trust.
If you ask for a pass makeover , don't do it through a message or guestbook comment on Stardoll.
They will send you . . .a warning I guess.
I got one when I asked Mandy (poohg_1993) for one in her guestbook , so be careful.

Today , I got a make-over from my good friend , Jack (Freeduck_ ) 
I am going to admit , sometimes his doll is definitely not my style (ha ,sorry jack) but thats only sometimes.
And thats good, he has his own style.
So , I asked him for a make-over , and this is the result:

I love it!
I would never have picked out this outfit , and that's something I like about make-overs.
The outcome is something completely different to what you would choose!
I posted this , because Jack was getting a lot of bad publicity and hes not a bad person.

Lisa xx :) 

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