Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Chance For Fashion..

Who's That Chiick? (referring to Rihanna's song,hmph,smart me!)
I know I have been absent,and the blog is being very inactive and I apologize for that.
I do realize I have been a bad owner,or co-owner so bad founder I guess...
I have not been posting because I am majorly busy with my fashion line Lisa Couture,I think you can click it in the sidebar,I'm not sure...
Anyway the means of this post is this:
(T.E.T = Extraordinary Three)
Somw of you might have already grasped why I thought of this title!
Before I explain,this party (I assume) will be a big success!I personally think there should be more of these parties around Dollywood,other than magazine,fashion line,blog releases!
I will be attending, (I hope anyway) , the bracketts are because I often forget things,no offence :P
SO,the meaning of this title is the dress code!
The dress code is GaGa,so to me that does not mean imitating Lady GaGa or copying an outfit of hers,to me that means 'Be Original'  , 'Take Risks With Fashion'  , 'Be Unique' , 'Be A Trendsetter ' .
Those four sentences are describing GaGa's fashion,to me anyway.
So I will try my best , Eamonn , will everyone else??

L:isa xx :)

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