Monday, February 7, 2011

Inspired by: Black Swan

Long time no see! Unfortunately, due to school, I haven't been able to log on as much as I used to. I even had classes to give! And, this post isn't a full "comeback", I just feel bad because I haven't been paying more attention to the blog. But I will try to write tons of posts on vacation.

So, everyone knows about the amazing movie Black Swan, right? I have to admite I haven't seen the movie yet. But I will!
You have probably noticed there are lots of "Black Swan Styled Outfits" out there. My top 3 where:
(Image Credit to Super Style Stardoll Fashion)

They look amazing! You can see Star_Awards wearing one UndamyUmbrellla's latest designs. And blugreen86's famouse DYI outfits. All of the outfits looks like they came out of the movie, but you can also spot every girls personal touch. That thing you see and say: "you can see she made this". That is something not many pepole can do. That is why they are such style icons on stardoll.

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