Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Be Virtually Fashionable! #1

Some of you may be puzzled when it comes to fashion.
Some may understand fashion,but don't know what to do with their outfits.
You have to make the choice,is your outfit just gonna be so you like it or will everyone like it.
I do realize that fashion is a form of self expression,so you can follow these tips to clear out your virtual warddrobe and real one.
Wardrobe Clear Out!
1. Strip your wardrobe!Pull out everything or do it section by section.
Anything you KNOW you will never wear again,make a pile and toss that over there.
If there is something your not sure about make a new pile and you can get back to that at the end!
2. If there is something you LOVE but have not worn it in ages,slip it on and if it turns out you dont like it on you,toss it.
If its too small  , toss it or if your really creative make a fabric belt or scarf  or even a wrap out of a dress! Also,if something you love but your not sure if it still fits you and you cant make an on-the-spot decision throw it to the 'I Don't Know' pile!
3. Look through the different things , there should be one divisor in your wardrobe and that is Winter and Summer. If its Summer and there is winter things that fit JUST right and I mean JUST fits,toss it.
By the time winter comes around it will probably not fit you so there is not point in keeping it. (this is more for real life than virtual I guess)
4. Get up to date with the trends!I mean right now,for Sprin/Summer so far,I've hard is denim,stripes,neons and pastels.
But look at the latest fashion shows.
You dont need to look at everything but some would help.
On Stardoll,to clear out your wardrobe try putting the 'No's' in your storage so its like it was never even there!
Get up to date with new trends in StarPlaza,by using your five SD a day.Its a good way to build up your virtual wardrobe,also try buying versatile pieces.
Did this help you?
Tell me in the comments?
Lisa xx :)

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