Thursday, February 10, 2011

Stylish Member of the Week : Tapstar321

She never fails to impress me with her endless fashion sense and bottomless Stardoll wardrobe!
While she focuses on her Doll's outfit,the make-up obviously plays a big part too.
Her doll's make-up right now is very simple but it looks really good!
She was inspired by these pictures:

The reason why she was picked:
Her outfit and MeDoll is so simple yet

its so pretty!I chose Nicole as
Stylish Member Of The Week
Because her make-up and outfit is always
really nice.

Me: Heya Nicole!How are you?
Nicole : Im good,and you Lisa?

Me: I'm fine.Can I ask,how long does it take for you to find ideas for your Doll?
Nicole: I am constantly getting inspiration from various editorials and photo shoots for my medoll. 
For example, my current look is hugely inspired by Topshop's dyed colorful highlights.

Me: Yes,and our readers can view that look above me.From make-up to clothes,do you think simplicity is one of the best ways to go?
Nicole: It really depends on what your going for.
Me : Examples?
Nicole: Sometimes those very complicated outfits can be really chic, and sometimes all it takes is a simple dress and pumps to rock a fashionable outfit.

Me: Couldn't agree more.What encouraged you to start Forever Chic Magazine?
Nicole: It was really just a way to practice my graphics at first.But later,I became serious about it.The feeling of getting compliments in my guestbook,on chat , and in my inbox for something that I word hard for,is very fulfilling . I also think I learned a lot of skills by owning and managing a magazine , especially business skills such as how to promote your magazine and how to make it something that a lot of people are going to read.  

Me: You certainly got that right then!Lastly,is there any message you want to give our readers?
Nicole: If there is something you want to do,just do it!I did my magazine,didn't I?

Thank you for this interview :)
To view FCM click HERE .

Lisa xx :)

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