Monday, January 3, 2011

That hot look...

I have seen, and envy, dolls that can pull this one fashion trend off in such a way that they could make anything look good. You need to have a lot of creativity and of course a lot of clothes for this. What is this style you say? Layering. It looks brilliant when you get it right but can have disastrous results if you do it badly. I have found a few example from the some stardoll elites which I feel have made amazing outfits which use this trend.

Firstly, we have Superoh:
This stylish outfit has many features but they all work together, she has used a dress as a base and added around it but staying with the theme of black, silver and gold.

The second example I have got is Zoe_COUTURE
This girl knows how to make an outfit. This outfit is edgy and brilliant, she has used the purple coat as a base and created around it to give this overall stunning outfit.



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