Monday, January 3, 2011

Fashion Fix! (waggyy)

Time for another make-over!
Again,I know some people wouldn't mention the peoples names,but I choose otherwise.
Back to the point.
For our new readers,this is a segment,where I find someone on Stardoll whos outfit could look a bit better.
And then after that,I give them a complete new outfit.
I have looked on the last two I did , and I realize the final results are quite ugly.
(not the people,the outfit I make for them)
So I will try to do a better job at this.
This weeks victim is waggyy!
Her outfit now:
I think this outfit can look better with only removing two items.
After I removed those items,this is the outcome:
Like I said,I have to make the outfit better without ADDING on items.
But,now its time for the full make-over!
This is one of my better outfits created for this segment.
What d you think?
Do you like the outfit?
'Waggyy' do you like your make-over?

Lisa x :)

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