Sunday, January 2, 2011

Lipstick Magazine

I don't know if you've noticed, but lately lots of magazines are starting to emerge. I really like the idea of having so much diversity. More magazines means more competition, and a bit of healthy competition never hurt anyone, right? Pepole just need to know how to behave and not let themselves get carried away.

Like it says on the title, I'm going to talk about Lipstick Magazine and OMG, is it fierce or what?! I was blown away by the cover! Beautiful Izzy Torronley redhead Izzy Torronley (Starcathie) was the Covergirl and she looks gorgeous! A lot of pepole didn't knew who she was before this issue came out, but she already appeard on Lipstick before, in a beautiful photoshot that made her appear on Elite Fashion! In her interview you can see she is a really nice girl, with a nice personality and a good sense of fashion. And I liked to see she highly values her friends and family, which is an important thing that and many pepole should learn that from her.

You can see by the editor's letter that Laura Torronley (Lizs) decided to go on a different direction on this time. She explained that she wanted to expose some new talents and that is why she chose Izzy to be Covergirl; because she really bealives in Izzy and thinks she really has potencial to be a model. I couldn't agree more with her! And loved the way she dealt with the "Mel being Covergirl" situation. She didn't creat even more waves when no one stoped talking about it and now, in the editor's letter, we could see her point of view. She explained that Mel is a really nice girl that can always deliver something new and when you have an oportunity like that you just grab it. And she's right, I wouldn't let an oportunity like that slip away! Would you let it go just because she has a lot of experience in modeling? I don't think so. Plus Laura said she didn't know that Mel in as Covergirl in a Winter issue had already been done.

Other new face, Evaki_11 (on the left), with Covergirl Starcathie

I DIED! When I saw this article! Right now, I'm obcessed with Dr.Martens! There is one pair on a store near my house, and they are on sale! It's still expensive (100€), but I want to buy them! But I won't do it because my friend already bought them, and she wanted them before, so those boots are very special to her. (Am I a good friend or what? :b).
But lets get back to the magazine! As I said, I'm in love with Dr.Martens, so I loved this article! I like the way that they mixed stardoll fashion with real life fashion. Almost no one wears the same clothes has their doll. My doll has a way better style than me! And that is what is so interesting about this magazine. They show us stardoll fashion, real fashion and stardoll fashion that can be in our real fashion, like the article above! Which is a really good mix and it makes everything more interesting to read. Plus, they put a lot of fashion tips and interesting make-up tutorials, which is always interesting to read and it can be really inspiring.

This issue is not just abou new faces. You can see known faces aswell, like Lolita (Miss_LolitaF).
And I don't think I need to say anything about the graphics. I mean, what can I say? It has appealing colors? The dolls look real without loosing their stardollish look? No one wants to hear that! Everyone already knows they get better and better on each issue! One thing I miss is a good old photoshot! But, this is just a Mini-issue, so I can't wait to see the real deal!

So, do you have the same opinion as me? Do you have something to add? Tell us in comments! :D

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