Sunday, January 2, 2011

My pet peeve

Every time I see this it makes me shake with anger, this has to be the thing which makes me so angry because it is such a basic fault, what is it?! Too much blusher. This is the most annoying thing I see on Medolls. It, for me, can ruin what could be an amazing Medoll. Most of the time people get it right, they put the blusher down the side of the Medolls checks but it is those few who apply it as it is going to run out.

There are many ways of using blusher, there are those who use it in weird and wonderful ways,
This is princessfusion, she has used blusher to give a scar affect. This is an effective way of using blusher to make this doll special.

Next I have two examples of Medolls that I think have done their blusher to perfection, well done to them :)
Firstly there is,
xBabiShazx, she has put this blusher on in such a way that makes her medoll amazing. It curves around her face and highlights the cheek bones.

And secondly,
We have x_HeartLove_x, although her blusher is a little hard to see I still think it is amazing, and much like xBabiShazx it highlights her cheekbones.

I have shown you the good, well now its time to show you the bad. I have kept this two Medolls stardoll identities secret. But this is the way NOT to apply your blusher.

Bad girls! This is what annoys me, when people apply a lot of this very bright coloured blusher in the middle of the cheeks, unevenly as well.

Do you agree?



  1. I found this interesting because it's rather hard to navigate the blusher brush but when you look at examples and it makes it loads easier.

  2. I also have that problem, I find that if you do it slowly and a lot of practise it will become easier.