Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Simple fashion tips

Hello again, haven't done one of these in a while. Today's tip is all about the simple black heel. This is a vital piece of any wardrobe as nine times out of ten it will go with what you are wearing.

Here is my run down of the simple black heel:

Bisou- Ridged heels 5sd ss
Stardoll- platform T-bar heels 5sd Non ss
Voile- Sequin pumps 5sd Non ss
Bisou- platform pumps 5sd ss
Otto- Maryjane heels 5sd Non ss

And now are my pick of weird and wonderful black heels if you are in a more exciting mood:
PPQ- tied platforms 22sd ss
Mortal Kiss- Winged stiletto's 5sd Non ss
 Volie- Party shoes 5sd ss
Rio- Fringed heels 5sd Non ss

Hope you enjoyed my pick of shoes


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