Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Fashion Accessory : Hats!

HELLO,dear readers!
For Christmas,I received €118 .
And,after Christmas me,my mam and my sister go shopping with our Christmas money.
As always,there was the after-Christmas sales .
My favourite shops are Penney's Primark as it is nice and cheap,and a lot of things are really nice.
I also love Claire's .Its an accessory shop.I really love it,but its VERY expensive.Once I bought a bag in there for €22.95  I know that that would be cheap for a bag in the adult world but not much for me.
And an ear flap hat is €18.95  .
As this shop is so expensive,its good when it has sales.
And the best sale they have is the %75 off sale .
Anyway,BACK TO PENNEY'S,and the point of this post.
Hats can keep your head warm,shield you form the sun,or some are just for  . . .decoration. (A-hem,Lady GaGa)
But the style of hats I've been LOVING is the Fedora hat .
I only have two myself,and I just bought them today,I have about seven or eight hats now.
But these two NEW hats,were bought in Penney's for just FOUR EUROS.
And their both STUNNING in my opinion.
Here you go:
These hats were only four euros each as I said.
In Penney's they had about four-to-six different styles but I knew I couldn't buy them all,right?
I really love hats,I'm the hat girl in my house.
My sister has a hat like the ones above except its black with thin white stripes.
t can also be bought in Penney's for €4 .
So,do you like hats?
Do you have much?
Do you wear them?
Lisa xx :)

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  1. I love Claire's too! And I love the second hat! So cute :)