Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Stylish Member of the Week : poohg_1993

Its time of the week of again . . . .
This week, WHO'S medoll caught my eye? (ehh . . .title)
The very talented and fashionable Mandy.
She is a writer for Stardoll's King Of Media !
I do have to praise her fashion taste,very stylish indeed :P
I was lucky to get an interview with the girl herself.
Wanna see it?
'Course ya' do

IrishLily09: Hello!Thanks for doing this interview,why not start by telling our readers a little bit about you?
poohg_1993: Well there's not much to say if people have heard about me. All i can say is, i have a very classic style, a versatile style, and as a person i am very misunderstood.

IrishLily09: Since this is only a small interview,lets get right to it.Where do you get your inspiration?Or is it all our of your own head?
poohg_1993: Well, both. Most of the time, i just wear what i think looks good. I don't necessarily always get inspired to achieve looks. Most of the time actually, i will just be playing around with clothes or makeup and stumble across a new look that works.

IrishLily09: Interesting answer,Mandy.I also love your medolls make-up.Have you ever thought of doing Stardoll make-up tutorials?
poohg_1993:Thank you! I actually have a few makeup tutorials up on my YouTube channel. I haven't really pursued makeup tutorials as a regular 'thing' i do, but perhaps one day i will start making them more often someday soon.

IrishLily09: With your success on Stardoll,comes work I assume?What advice do you have for our readers?
poohg_1993: Well, i would like to say that if you ever plan to become successful and popular, be prepared for people that will create drama and be prepared for negative rumors being spread about you. You can't please everyone.

IrishLily09: Thank you,Mandy for this interview :)
poohg_1993: Lol thank you!

There you have it!
Click HERE to visit her suite.
Click HERE to go to KOM.
This interview was finished at 06:20am European time..I'm tired now.
Lisa xx :)


  1. Thanks so much for featuring me! What an honor!

  2. Yesterday was a big marathon! I went to bed at 6:00 LOL