Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Stardoll Faces

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't been posting lately, but school has just started and things are already crazy. My school started this Monday, Friday I already have an exam (and it's a Math exam!) and tomorrow I have a field trip! (unbelievable right?).
So, lets get to the post. Like it says on title, I'm here to talk about Stardoll faces. Sometimes, a doll's face can make all the difference! Lots of times I've seen pepole with an outfit that wasn't very interesting, yet they had a gorgeous face!

One stunning face I've seen is april785's face:I thinks it's a such a cute face. And everything matches! The purple eyes, purple hair, pink lips,... everything! And you can see that she has lots of imagination. I find it really hard to do a face like this. My doll always ends up looking like I'm mocking Lady Gaga! It's just sad to see it.

Another beautiful face is prinzezita98's face:
Is she beautiful or what? You can see the hair plays a big part and complements her face.

But not every face needs to be this eleborate. For exemple, emorox4eva and bluegreen86 have really simple faces, yet they always look stunning.

Do you have a stunning face? Post you username in comments! :D

PS.: Sorry for the small post, but my mom has been bugging me to go to bed so I didn't had much time to write something more elaborate. But I promise I'll make up to you (soon I hope) ;)

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