Thursday, January 6, 2011

Never fail to disappoint.

Today I thought I would post about doll's around Stardoll. There were maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaany dolls I could put on here but I chose a few that really stood out to me and excelled. Some of them rather quite known whilst others not so much. So firstly I bring, Zoe_COUTURE.

Zoe_COUTURE has always been a favourite of mine. I've always admired her outfits that she had put together and everytime I think, "I don't think she could make a better outfit." and she proves me wrong everytime. I like the fact that she's holding onto the leash of rather fierce animals which enhances her look and it is a really high fashion look for her. Rating; 10/10

Musicwench I really like the outfit I was greeted with when I visited her page. She used similar colours and she really has a good hand at layering. As a not so much known member of Stardoll, I appreciate that she is trying to set new trends and trying to be high fashion and she definetely acheived it with this look. Congratulations. Rating; 8/10
I don't often see outfits like this on Stardoll anymore. It is really vintage and it has a modern twist. She has kept it to the same colour which is a safe option and the textures of the outfit go really well with each other. I also like how there is jewellery in the right places if you understand and there isn't too much of it. Rating; 8/10


I have recently gotten to know .pease. and I saw this tremendous outfit she was wearing and I had to post it. She really has a talent for layering and the colourings work really well together. It is also very casual and not as extravagant (red carpet style) as the others. It's also bang on trend and easy to acheive. You know, some people just have talent... Rating; 9/10

Again, those are just a few good examples and inspirations. All next week and for the remainder of this week I'll be checking out your suites and posting the best people I see. If you think I should check you out, comment!