Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Make those hair accessories work...

I am loving the accessories that are available to buy from the starplaza recently, there has been a massive amount of new things. It is really all dependent on what your medoll is wearing as to the style of accessory you pick. Up first in my little starplaza new accessory tour we have...
Epiphany- this is definitely not one of my favourite stores but it can look good when you are going for a posh or evening look.

Next is Whip My Hair:

 I have seen some very original medolls made by using some of the items from this store, for most though this story is a little bit weird. If you are looking to make your medoll original then this is the store for you...

Next up we have Sunny Bunny:

This has to be my favourite store, it has some strange things but a lot that can look good on there own. I think the most popular items in this store are the eyelashes, these are amazing andd now there are some for Non ss's its even better. The bows have to be my favourite they look great and because there are a selection of colours you can get them to match hair colours or outfits. This store really has something for everyone, easily my favourite.


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