Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How to (ROCK!) the HAIR!!!!

Hey. I am the latest addition to the Stardoll Fashion Craze Team. I was really inspired about this blog's really good ideas and formality and language used was fabulous! SO I asked Jessica if I could join the blog after reading her Lipstick Magazine Review, (you gotta love her!), and a couple of days ago I was added to post on this blog but I was thinking how to make a good impression in my first post. I am currently searching for a graphics designer to make my banner so I currently don't have one.
This definetly isn't the biggest of blogs, but it's one of the best up there with TSS, MDM and TSD! I don't want to do a huge autobiography because sometimes they appear really self-centred so if there's anything you want to know, post it in comments and I'll reply!
I thought I would make my so-called 'first impression' by showing you some style tips. Now you've all seen the latest hair/wigs added to Sunny Bunny recently. Well we've all been there and none of them seem to fit properly! BUT many of Stardoll's members have used the hair, most commonly the black bob, to give themselves a unique hairstyle, a full-fringe for example. Here are a FEW of many examples.

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