Monday, December 20, 2010

Trend: Blunt fringes!

A new trend this winter/autumn is blunt cut fringes!
I actually LOVE the look,It looks best with straight hair,but curly hair looks great too!
Taylor's is absolutely amazing!
It suits her so well.
I got one last month.
I had a side fringe for awhile,but my mam wasn't happy with it.
So I said that I wanted a fringe like the one above,because I knew she'd let me and they look really nice.
My teacher called me 'fringe-ee' for a day...
BUT since then,five people in my school have gotten a fringe JUST LIKE MINE!
This is after me,so I'm thinking 'copy cats' but I'm just messing,I know its a coincidental but still . . . .
Whats YOUR take on the trend?
Lisa xx :)

P.S. I notice that some people are commenting,keep it up ;) xx

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