Monday, December 20, 2010


I would have liked to post more over the past few days,but I have barely any ideas,so that's obviously a drawback.
Anyway,a few days ago KOM  writer poohg_1993won NCG of her country.
But then,last night what did I see:
And there was more before and after . 
I mean,she JUST won NCG she doesn't need more,right?
From my point of view , this Stardoll Elite is getting a bit greedy.
She is trying to win CG/NCG with only a day apart...
Am I the only one who thinks this?
Lisa xx :)


  1. Theres nothing wrong with Mandy running for CG! People do it all the time, I definitely don't think its greedy. And shes so amazing, she deserves the spotlight ;)

  2. Let her do what she wants to! I mean, theres nothing wrong if she wants to be CG again! And there's a BIG difference between being NCG and CG! :) , x lulita-15