Monday, December 13, 2010

Red Lips: How To Rock 'Em

Hello,my dear readers!
I have to apologise for my absence,I have just been busy.
Right,so red lipstick!
It was a big  fashion trend this year,aye?
But,I hate it when your walking around and someone might be wearing the ever-so-fashionable red lipstick but they pair it with . . . .a PINK blazer.It just doesn't look right.
So,I'm going to show you some good colors to wear it with on Stardoll,and you could do it in real life.
First,you don't want it to look too BRIGHT so on Stardoll,use black mascara,black eyeliner and white or black eyeshadow if any.
Then obviously apply your red lipstick/lipgloss.
Easy part done.
Outfit #1:
Top - Bisou- 3SD (Non-SS)
Trousers - Fudge - 6SD (SS)
Shoes - Burlesque - 5SD (Non-SS)
Some people might dislike this outfit,but I think its a nice outfit,mean girl 50's style maybe?

Outfit #2:
Top - PCD - 8SD (SS)
Trousers - Bisou - 8SD (SS)
Shoes - Monster High - 4SD (Non-SS)
Bag - Decades  - 6SD (SS)
Some people will think the Monster High shoes are crazy,they are but I think their cool.

Outfit #3  :
Dress - Voile Holiday Boutique  - 26SD - (SS)
Shoes - OTTO - 4SD  - (Non-SS)
This last outfit,isn't the best I know.
I had an outfit planned out,but the other things were too old so they weren't there.
Please tell me if you disliked or liked any of the outfits.
Thank you! :) xx

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