Saturday, December 18, 2010


Is this banner . . .familiar to you?
Well,for the contestants in Illusion it sure is!
I happen to be one of them.
The first task,was posted on the 29th of November,the deadline was 9th of December.
The theme was jewelry.Each contestant was given a piece of jewelry.
I (and a few others) got the impossible,RINGS.
I had to try my best and this is what I came out with:
Since Stardoll does not make rings,I had to do this.
I know its not amazing,but I was happy with it.
There were only two other scenery's in the club made,3/18 contestants participated and what did the owner do?
That's right,nothing.
So,about two days ago,I went to her guestbook to ask her about it,as it was WAAY past the deadline and she said she was busy.
I was EXTREMELY alarmed to find this as one of her replies:
I wrote this post to simply state that conii987 is kind of a quitter.
I told her,if she wasn't going to tell anyone,I will.
So there you go.
I am extremely disappointed with this.
I hate it when people start something ad then they give up.
Its just oh-so typical isn't it?
Lisa xx :)

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