Wednesday, December 15, 2010

12 Days Of Dresses

Hello,dear readers!
I logged onto Stardoll as usual today and found this message from Stardoll in my inbox:
Some people said they got the idea from a song called '12 Days Of Dresses' but I assumed they got it from the famous song 'The Twelve Days Of Christmas' maybe its just famous in Ireland?
And its not the one "On the first day of Christmas my true (?) love sent to me...' its a completely different one.
The first dress,(you can view it in the StarPlaza) is 25SD.
I bet these dresses will only available for one day only,as each day obviously brings us a new dress.
This dress is full of sequins and its stripy...yeah not my cuppa' tea.
These dresses,will probably really rare in the coming future.
Any thoughts ?
Lisa xx :)

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