Saturday, April 16, 2011

Alter Ego's Of Stardoll

Long time , no see..I know.
This blog is getting more and more active so I apologize for that.
But , moving on!

The Alter Ego's Of Stardoll  is a brilliant new project owned by Ciaraleanne . 
It basically gives you the chance to create your own Alter Ego!
If you go to the blog , you will be immediately blown away by just looking at the thing!
Thats what I felt like anyway , and thats before I read anything!
You can apply to be a writer for the blog.
Do it , I already did!
Your alter ego could be someone the complete opposite of you , or the real you.
The idea is just amazing , and Im jealous I didn't think of it! (I know you are too , stop lying)

Go to the blog , here and go to Ciara's suite here . 

Lisa xx :)

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