Saturday, January 1, 2011

Well,That was a nice read!

Happy New Year everyone!
Except for China...
Anyway,qwithin the five minutes I got up,my laptop was on and open.
Skipping the logging in parts and blah blah,ElitesExposed seemed to have written a story.
Just a small one,about how her New Years party would have gone.
It took me awhile to read it,but it was actually a  bit enjoyable to read.
Featuring our favorite (or maybe,not so 'favorite'? ) Elites.
If you have been following Aislin EE , you would know she had a 'Naughty And Nice' list for Christmas.
But,no-one could stop there,right?
Then came the New Years Kiss List.
Which you can see what that is by the name.
EE has a lot of upcoming projects to 'tickle your fancy' I guess.
Click HERE to view them.

Lisa xx :)

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