Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Stardoll News: Italian Mafia

So not only will we bring you stardoll fashion news,we will bring you the news of Dollywood.
One of the latest pieces of news,is the Italian Mafia!
They supposedly a group of hackers who can access your account without you telling your password.
I think one of them is the well-known FC'er SaltyDan.
I think its possibly him,because he gave Elite-Girl the nickname of  'Welite-Girl'  and a member of the so called Italian Mafia simply called her by this unoriginal nickname.
Some people say the Italian Mafia is fake,but its hard to know.
They have a blog sditalianmafia.blogspot.com   Do Not Go To Their Blog,if you did,delete ALL of your history,tick all the boxes....
They had a 'hit list' on a Mafia account,but thankfully that account was deleted.
I recently notified the Stardoll Staff about them.
They aim to simply hack some of the 'Stardoll Elites' , but also get a small number deleted.
If you own some valuable rares , have a lot of LE, don't bother hiding them in your suite.
You can ask Stardoll to somehow make then unsellable.
But dont beg them to do so.
                                                Lisa xx :)

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