Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Real life stardoll

Everyone that plays stardoll has to admite that everyday, when we come to stardoll, we get in love with something and we want it in real life. That happens to me ALL THE TIME! Unfortunately, I can't have every thing that I have on stardoll, not even half! So I just keep drooling on my computer imagining those perfect boots in me, or that stunning jacket.
For example these Alexander McQueen
floral-engraved leather boots:

Stardoll Version

Real Life Version

They are stunning!

But some stuff I have in real life. Like those ugg boots, for example. Or the owl H&M necklace.

Stardoll Version

Real Life Version

I prefer the stardoll version because I prefer silver to gold. But I love the necklace!

But this is the reason why pepole love stardoll. We can have almost everything we want that we don't have in real life. That is the main reason that I come here everyday.

And you? Why do you keep coming to stardoll? Do you ahve anything you love on stardoll and can't have in real life? Or something that you have on stardoll and in real life? Tell us in comments! :D

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