Thursday, December 30, 2010

Non-SS - #4 and #5 look

Hi everyone! (:
I'm back with some more non-ss looks. And this time I made TWO looks!

This one is a bit casual, but it can be used for a new years eve party. I used the Camo Sequined Skirt to give the look a bit of sparkle. And the bracelets help it too. You can get the look for 23SD. It's not too expensive, because we are getting 5 items. It's almost 5SD for each one, which isn't too expensive and we can buy it with play n' earn.

Now, for the second look:

This a new years eve look. And it's very simple to make and really cheap. You can buy everything for only 13SD! It is really cheap. And, has you can see, it's the same bracelet and the same shoes from the other look, which proves what I'm always saying: Buy stuff that can be used in many different ways. Having versatile peaces of clothing is the key too create different and nice looks for your doll. For exemple, the Black and White Handbag only costs 1SD, which the cheapest you can get, and you can use it with pink, black or white! You couldn't ask for anything else! Plus, a bag always gives that nice final touch to an outfit.

And there you go! Two outfits for new years eve, one a bit more simple and the other one with a bit more class. Like it? Hate it? Comment! :D


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