Saturday, December 18, 2010

Non-SS - #3 look

I'm back with another look! This time it's 25SD for all of it! It's a bit more expensive than usual, but it asmore stuff in it. Plus you don't need to buy everything I am wearing. You can just see what peices you love the most, see if they work well with some stuff you alredy have, and you can have a brand new look only spending 4/5SD. Plus you don't have to change your outfit every single day! I usually stay a week (sometimes more) with the same outfit. I never feel like changing (I'm just lazy LOL).
And I can't find the shoe's store! Does anyoe know where it is? Because searched for the shoes, I didn't went to the store and when I grabed it, it didn't had the name of the store.

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