Thursday, December 23, 2010

New Release : HotBuys Dress

Hello,dear readers!
Since school is over for a few weeks,I have more time to post here!
So,I logged on and looked at the Newest StarPlaza items,and this dress caught my eye.
I am a HotBuys collector..
But honestly,I don't buy them if I don't like them.
Some things I will sell others (like this dress) will be staying with me on Stardoll forever!
Since I recently got my Diamond Membership back,I could buy it!
Its on my medoll right now.
Its not that pricey with a price of 18 SD it could still be cheaper,if I was in charge of prices and stuff I would've made it ten-fourteen stardollars.
Plus,if you do your Play&Earn you get four stardollars off it which is always handy.
What is YOUR opinion on the dress?
If you are wearing the dress,make a tinypic of it and post it in the comments!
Lisa xx :)

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