Friday, December 24, 2010

Interview With... missricopenguin !

On Christmas Eve you get one present from me!
An interview with missricopenguin!

IrishLily09: Hello! Thank you for agreeing to do this interview. Why don't we start off,by getting to know you?

missricopenguin: Hey! My name is Kylie, I'm from Australia and I love fashion, writing, photography and music!

IrishLily09: With that done,are you excited for RAGE magazine?

missricopenguin :Yes!! It is super exciting and I cannot wait for it to be published!

IrishLily09: Where did you first find out about Stardoll,and then what made you want to write in blogs?

missricopenguin:I heard about stardoll three or four years ago in primary school. My friends always used to play it so I made an account, but that account got hacked so I left and then came back a year ago. :P I don't know really, I just like writing I guess!

IrishLily09: You always have an amazing medoll and outfit,where do you get your inspiration?

missricopenguin :I don't usually have an inspiration, I just look through my medoll's wardrobe and put pieces together. If I am inspired it usually from someone else's medoll or from browsing Tumblr.

IrishLily09: When you want a new piece for your virtual wardrobe,what shop in the Starplaza would you go to first?

missricopenguin :Umm.. that's hard. Bisou I think, although if the Chanel tribute store were still here it would be definitely be it!

IrishLily09: You have a modeling agency,where did that idea come up?

missricopenguin :Modeling agencies have been around forever. I started joining heaps of clubs, and then I realised that half of them weren't active, so I decided to make a modeling agency, that was active. Sadly it isn't to active at the moment... :P

IrishLily09: While we're on the subject, you also run a virtual 'Nightclub' Forever Flamingo,right?

missricopenguin :Yeah I do, and it's a lot of fun thinking up themes and invites and such. I hope to have a party soon ;D

IrishLily09: While talking about ideas and projects,do you have any for future projects?

missricopenguin :I think you covered most of them. I am involved in a few projects not owned by me, such as the Late Night Awards on LNWC and a few others which I am not sure if I am meant to talk about... :P

IrishLily09: Thank you for this interview,is there anything you want to say to our readers?

missricopenguin: No problem! Have fun on stardoll and remember it's just a game really and that if you apply yourself anything can happen :D
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Lisa xx :)

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